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renewable energy training

Cuba Delegation Inspires Solar Energy International Alumnus Paul Scheckel

Posted by: april on April 21, 2011
Solar Energy International alumnus Paul Scheckel, author of "The Home Energy Diet," recently shared his experience as a participant in SEI's CU100: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Cuba delegation in his blog, Energy Insights by Paul Scheckel.

Energy Evolution Necessary for National Survival
By Paul Scheckel

Every once in a while, we have an experience that completely crumbles some long-standing preconceived notion, and this week I'm pleased to share my revelation with you. I've just returned from a week-long trip to Cuba ...
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Solar Energy International Launches Free Introduction to Renewable Energy Online Course

Posted by: april on January 19, 2011
By Chris Turek, Director of Online and Educational Services

One of the most exciting things about Solar Energy International is our ability to create training opportunities aligned with our nonprofit mission. Our new, free online Introduction to Renewable Energy course is just one example of our efforts as a nonprofit organization to help educate our fellow man on renewable energy technologies and sustainable building practices. This course allows us to create a free and accessible introductory solar training and renewable energy ...
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Online Training Provides Renewable Energy for the Developing World Education

Posted by: april on January 19, 2011
By Laurie Guevara-Stone, Solar Energy International's International Program Director

Renewable energy technologies can help solve many problems faced in the developing world, especially with education, health care, agriculture, and micro-enterprise. Implementing renewable energy projects and integrating those projects with applicable solar training in rural areas sustainably can make a huge difference in improving, and often saving, lives.

If you've always wanted to bring your skills and experience to these communities, our upcoming online course, "Renewable ...
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Hot off the press: Solar Energy International 's 2011 training catalog

Posted by: april on December 3, 2010
Solar Energy International's new 2011 training catalog has hit the streets as we begin to celebrate SEI's 20 years of renewable energy education and outreach in the new year. Browse our digital version to learn more about Solar Energy International. Click here to download SEI's 2011 hands-on workshop and online training catalog (4.3 Mb PDF)

For a list of our online courses and hands-on workshops we're offering in 2011, click here.

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New video features Solar Energy International's RD102: Solar Electricity for the Developing World workshop in Costa Rica

Posted by: april on October 22, 2010

Video by Solar Energy International alum Christopher Black.

Have you ever been to Costa Rica? Are you interested in eco-tourism? What if you could travel to a beautiful rainforest and help bring solar energy to a remote village?

 To kick off the new year in 2011, Solar Energy International is proudly offering its popular RD102: Solar Electricity for the Developing World hands-on workshop Jan 1-9, in Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica.

Join SEI for an exciting destination training with our Renewable Energy for the Developing World program. The ...
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Next steps in your renewable energy and solar training

Posted by: april on September 17, 2010
At Solar Energy International, we often hear from alumni who want to know what training they should take next. We recommend branching out to the various related and relevant training opportunities SEI has to offer.

Do you have previous solar energy training? Have you ever wondered how your solar skills fit into the bigger picture of building energy and design, or even beyond borders in the developing world? Solar Energy International has the answer in our Green Building Design & Construction - Online course, starting Sept. 27. This course shows how ...
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A first-hand look at solar training in Costa Rica

Posted by: april on July 6, 2010
By Carrie Schaffner
Solar Energy International Work-Trader - Summer 2010 

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica to take part in a Solar Energy International workshop, "Renewable Energy for the Developing World." I spent 10 days in the Talamanca Mountains with an incredible group of people eager to learn more about the potential for renewable energy.

The workshop was held at Durika, a self-sufficient, sustainable community created by a group of mindful Costa Ricans and a few foreigners. We started each day with yogurt from the resident ...
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Online vs. Classroom vs. Hands-on Solar Training

Posted by: april on July 2, 2010
By Liz Merry

Originally published by Solar Today "Ask Ms. Liz" Columnist, republished by Renewable Energy World:

People learn differently. You may be a great book learner, while I have to touch and move something around to get the book information to make sense to me. Or perhaps having an instructor present the book information through lectures and slides is most effective for you. Or you might prefer an even balance between all three - reading, in-person instruction and hands-on training. 

Call me technically challenged, but it turns out I am in ...
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