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Solar Energy

Solar Viewpoint: My Take on the Xcel Energy Solar Rewards Program Changes in Colorado

Posted by: april on April 19, 2011
By Zeke Yewdall, Solar Energy International Workshop Instructor The Public Utilities Commission in Colorado announced this week that Xcel Energy, CoSEIA (Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association, representing small residential/commercial solar installers) and Solar Alliance (representing large commercial/central solar installers) and other parties, have worked out a plan to restart the Xcel Energy Solar Rewards program. Solar Rewards has been successful in Colorado areas served by Xcel, and that caused an earthquake in the Colorado solar industry in mid-February ...
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Solar Energy International saddened by news of solar advocate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

Posted by: april on January 10, 2011
By Johnny Weiss
Solar Energy International Executive Director

The Solar Energy International staff is saddened by the news of Jan. 8's horrific tragedy in Tucson, Ariz. The mass shooting killed six, including Arizona chief federal judge John Roll, and injured 14, including U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, a spirited solar advocate and friend of Solar Energy International.

As part of Rep. Giffords' solar outreach, her office has organized free two-hour Solar Power 101s for the public about once a month since 2007. They are basic-level, two-hour sessions at ...
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Solar Energy International installs solar PV system on Paonia Town Hall

Posted by: april on November 18, 2010

By Kathy Swartz, Solar Energy International's Renewable Energy Education Program Director

Solar Energy International recently installed a 6.3kW PV system on Town Hall in Paonia, Colorado. A grant from the StEPP Foundation funded the hardware, Solar Energy International donated design and labor time, and Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) and the Town of Paonia gave their support to the project.  At 6.3kw, the system is the largest in the town of Paonia, and is visible from downtown. 

Lucien Pevec, a Town Council Trustee, wrote ...
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Online learning in renewable energy education at your fingertips

Posted by: on September 24, 2010
By Matthew Harris, Sustainable Building Program Coordinator

It has been said, "The World Wide Web (W3) was developed to be a pool of human knowledge, and human culture, which would allow collaborators in remote sites to share their ideas and all aspects of a common project." As I sit here today and type this blog via the web, and as you are reading this on the Internet, we are in fact fulfilling the web's mission. I'm not sure if the founders of the web could possibly imagine the breadth and speed at which their technology has affected the world. In our day and age of ...
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Taking action to grow solar

Posted by: april on September 22, 2010
By Erin Wickersham, Social Media Manager, Tigercomm

Americans love solar energy and 92 percent of them are demanding greater access to it.

It's hard to get that many Americans to agree on anything - let alone something as politically charged as energy. And yet, solar energy generates that kind of support.

Americans understand that solar is a solution to many of the problems facing us today. Solar reduces pollution. It reduces our use of finite energy sources. And it reduces our dependence on foreign sources of oil.

Despite these real and ...
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Johnny Weiss talks the future of solar energy on C-Span

Posted by: april on September 13, 2010
On Aug. 21, 2010, Johnny Weiss, Solar Energy International's executive director, joined representatives from other solar energy groups to talk the future of solar energy at the American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) annual conference in Aspen, Colorado. Topics included government funding and subsidies, educational outreach, and changing technologies. Along with Johnny, panel members also included Rhone Resch, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Neville Williams from Standard Solar and John Woolard of BrightSource Energy.

To see footage of the panel ...
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Solar spill or oil spill? You choose

Posted by: laurie on July 15, 2010

By Rachel Connor and Matthew Harris, Solar Energy International's Sustainable Building Program CoordinatorsIdentifying me as an environmentalist long ago, many of my friends, acquaintances and relatives rightfully assume I’m up in arms about the oil catastrophe in the Gulf. They have anger and helplessness in their voices as they passionately express disbelief that oil is still gushing, animals are dying and there is no end in sight. I can empathize with these feelings – I have them all too often.

As with most human-caused disasters, the aftermath has been ...
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Celebrating renewable energy in Wisconsin

Posted by: april on June 19, 2010
By April E. Clark
Solar Energy International's Energy Fair Correspondent

CUSTER, Wisconsin — I love renewable energy industry conferences.

As of this weekend's event  — the 21st Midwest Renewable Energy Fair (MREF) in Custer, Wisc. — I am four deep. I met many of my new solar friends (great industry folks I see at all the conferences now) at Solar Power International in Anaheim, Calif, last October.

There were men and women in suits. Booths with espresso. And meats on a stick.

This weekend's Energy Fair is a ...
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Welcome to Solar Energy International's new blog!

Posted by: april on April 5, 2010
Digital-age learning theorist George Siemens has said, "Blogging is using a new medium for what it is good for — connecting and interacting."

This is the best quote I've found to sum up the goal of Solar Energy International's newest direction in the digital age, our blog. We love to connect with SEI alumni, staff, partners, members, students and the vast sustainability-minded global community from around the world. What better way to reach out to renewable energy advocates globally than via our blog, with links to our social networking avenues, workshop schedule, news ...
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