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A Gift Earned

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November 18, 2013

The 2013 APSA training period has ended, and a new family has been formed. Saturday the final bus left the Earth University to send off the last of the APSA Alumni back to their home countries where they will begin or in some cases continue to carry the torch towards a renewable energy future for the Americas. On behalf of all the instructors who participated in APSA ’13 and everyone at SEI I would like to say that this past year has been a spectacular journey, one which could not have culminated any better than it has these past two weeks.

There are now 50 people from across Central America and Mexico whose lives have been changed, and who have furthered there knowledge and practice of solar PV design & Installation.  The highlight was the community that was formed of eager, energized, and inspired people who have now become agents of change. A new chapter has begun in the Americas and after graduating this first group of people in to the APSA program I am humbled to know that the world is blessed with 50 champions linked by a strong passion to do good for their countries and the world.


 We sent two Barefoot Solar LED light systems, one to Guatemala and one to Panama where they will be implemented in areas of each country bringing great benefit. Stay tuned for more information on those two projects. There are students who are back home getting ready to install over 130 killowatts of PV in different projects, and others who will begin discussions with their Universities on starting up PV Training Programs.

The SEI family has grown by 50, united with the strength and courage of a lion and the spirit of an eagle.

Next, is a small period of rest for me then the work of continuing the networking and education amongst the APSA Alumni, collecting stories of how they are impacting the renewable energy industry in the Americas, and working to create training opportunities for future APSA alumni while at the same time helping build a solar movement.

 If you are interested in learning more about the APSA ’13 project, or about future opportunities with SEI please contact me at

- Matthew Harris

Director- Academia de Profesionales Solares de las Américas (APSA)




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