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My SEI Story - Jerrod Bley

Posted by: chris
January 30, 2014

By Jerrod Bley - SEI Alumnus

I attended my first SEI class in July of 2013. It was the PVOL 101 course and I was very, very pleased with what I experienced. Since then I have attended a week long course in Paonia and recently completed another online course. Within a half year I have attended and completed three courses in all. I must say they have all been outstanding!

What I learned through SEI is the caliber of intelligent instruction I have been looking for over the past few years. I have taken other, shorter courses in PV technologies and applications, but they never really provided the depth of instruction I was interested in. SEI has given a leg up on the PV industry and has provided me with the know-how and motivation to make me successful in the industry.

In college I dreamed of working in the RE industry, and try as I may could not find the opportunities to work in the field very often, and when I did I was not quite sure what I was REALLY looking at and working on. Through the SEI courses my eyes have been opened, and I can only think that any further training will be just as wonderful.

I still think back to the first day (during introductions) of my week long lab course. Someone from the Board of Directors spoke about the future of PV and the positive work that me and my fellow peers were doing. He spoke of the opportunities to bring home a day’s honest wage, and it was tremendously uplifting to me! My drive and fire to work in this field was again renewed and I reflected on how it made me feel for some time.

Since that week I have been fortunate enough to work on a few projects back in my hometown of Bozeman, and one was with a SEI instructor. The things I learned in the courses clicked and made sense. I’ve read quite a bit about the technical details of PV installations, but being in the field and working with it in the context of providing reliable and renewable energy for the end user is priceless.

What I have gained from SEI has definitely empowered me and boosted my confidence in the technology and in the mission of SEI and the industry as a whole.  There is no doubt some people working in the RE field are just here for a paycheck, but the majority of people I meet have a sincere and genuine respect for the planet and have sought out this industry to be individuals of change, and who provide solutions for the problems we face such as clean energy generation and overwhelming environmental degradation.  The sense of community I feel among others in my field makes me proud of what I do and with whom I share this mission!

Jerrod Bley - Proud SEI Alumnus

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