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SEI Collaborates with UL to Offer Training and Certification for Licensed Electricians

Posted by: chris
May 30, 2013

Solar Energy International (SEI) has entered into an agreement with UL (Underwriters Laboratories) to offer the UL PV Installer Certification Exam for qualified electricians at SEI's Training and Certification Testing Center in Paonia, Colorado.

The UL PV Installer Certification Exam will be held immediately after SEI's PV202: Advanced PV System Design and the NEC (Grid-Direct) Workshop. Training starts August 12 -and the UL PV Installer Certification Exam will be offered beginning on August 16.

Kathy Swartz, SEI's Executive Director, said, "Our work with UL and adoption of the UL PV Installer Certification Exam is an example of how SEI's professional technical solar training program is actively preparing students for careers in the industry, as well as for the leading certifications currently recognized within our industry."  In recent years, SEI has seen a significant increase in the number of licensed electricians and other electrical professionals who are joining the student population and alumni network. They are seeking professional development in solar photovoltaic (PV) applications at the residential, commercial, and utility scale levels.

More Info:

In addition to the established NABCEP certification, newer certifications have gained industry recognition in recent years. These include the Roof Integrated Solar Energy (RISE) / Certified Solar Roofing Professional (CSRP) certification for roofing professionals and the UL PV Installer Certification available to licensed electricians. It is important to point out that the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) have also recently endorsed the UL PV Installer Certification.

"By offering UL's PV Installer Certification Exam, SEI joins a network of industry leaders who are actively extending UL's commitment to safe living and working environments, assuring electrical professionals possess the necessary competencies to perform residential and commercial installations," said Clyde Kofman, senior vice president, UL. "Together we can deliver training and certification options that create a safer, more competitive workforce for the solar industry."

SEI to Offer UL Certified PV Installer Certification Exam 
SEI has been selected as a testing center for the UL PV Installer Certification Exam. Exam dates will be scheduled to align with SEI's solar trainings that help qualified candidates receive the training specific to PV design, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance. Individuals who wish to take the UL Certified PV Installer Exam must meet the following pre-requisites: 

  • Be a qualified electrician

  • Complete the OSHA 30-hour construction training

SEI's Path to Graduation 
In response to industry demands of quality assurance for a highly trained workforce, SEI has expanded its rigorous renewable energy training program through the development of the SEI Solar Professionals Certificate Program.

Chris Turek, Director of Online and Student Services, said, "With the recent increase of licensed electricians coming through our training program, we created the Residential and Commercial Solar Professionals Certificate path to make sure these students are exposed to the depth of knowledge needed to be successful in the solar industry and the broader electrical trades."

Any one of SEI's certificate program tracks requires at least 160 contact training hours. Since launching this program last year, SEI has found that many students who work in the electrical and roofing professions are going through multiple SEI certificate paths that cover residential and commercial PV systems, battery-based PV systems and technical sales.Interested students should be aware that graduating from SEI with a technical certificate is different than certification.

A "Certificate" program is a common title and training format to describe program completion in the realm of workforce training. Students will graduate with a technical certificate from SEI and with the training hours earned, they meet some of the requirements to sit for a certification exam from any of the leading certifying entities. Once certified through the various entities in the industry, they will be able to take the required continuing education from SEI through its Continuing Education Program.

About Solar Energy International
Solar Energy International (SEI) was founded in 1991 as a nonprofit educational organization to help others to use renewable energy resources and sustainable building technologies through education and technical assistance.

Our vision is focused on helping create a more sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. Through our work, we see clear opportunities to influence people's thinking and behaviors towards energy efficiency and the use of natural, sustainable methods of energy production and utilization.

Solar Energy International is a 501(c)(3) Equal Opportunity Institution and Employer, and is not affiliated with any dealer, manufacturer, distributor, or any other renewable energy commercial enterprise.

Media contact for SEI is Christopher Turek, Director of Online and Student Services - chris(at)solarenergy(dot)org - 970-963-8855 x115 -


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