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SEI Expands Spanish Online Curriculum: Launches FV203 Prep Battery-based PV System Fundamentals

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January 27, 2014

For over two decades Solar Energy International has provided industry-leading technical training and expertise in renewable energy to people from all around the world. Since 2008 SEI has offered its same high quality PV curriculum in Spanish to people and businesses working throughout the Americas. This past year marked a pivotal step forward for SEI's Latin American Program. 2013 saw SEI complete a program funded by the US State Department called Academia de Profesionales Solares de las Américas (APSA). APSA set out to train 50 people, representing countries, communities, and organizations throughout Central America and Mexico to design, install and maintain solar PV systems and to successfully launch and administer businesses in this critically important industry. The development of APSA allowed SEI to continue to create and offer outstanding PV curriculum. As part of APSA, SEI developed its online battery-based PV PREP course in to Spanish and now it is available for all spanish speakers across the globe.

On January 29th, SEI will be officially launching FV203 Prep Battery-based PV System Fundamentals. This Spanish online course allows immediate access so you can start your battery-based solar education on your own schedule!  FV203 PREP is an online, on-demand, instructorless, 18 credit hour course covering fundamental principles of battery-based solar PV installation and design. 

The goal of this course is to create a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts necessary to work with battery-based PV systems, including the purpose, applications, and design criteria required for different types of charge controllers, batteries, and battery-based inverters.

This course has been designed to give students the basic battery-based fundamentals required to take PV301L: Solar Electric Lab Week (Battery-based)( in English), and the NABCEP Entry Level Exam (in English). If you are serious about working in the battery-based PV industry and are a Spanish speaker this course is the perfect first step. Before participating in the FV203 PREP course, students are required to complete SEI's PV101 (in English), or FV101 (in Spanish), or an equivalent course from another organization.

At $150 this course is an excellent value for the concepts and principles contained within. Start your battery based PV education and register here today!




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