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SEI Offers IAEI Inspector Trainings

Posted by: chris
March 26, 2014

IAEI Inspector Trainings
Last month, SEI trained close to 200 inspectors through the Solar Instructor Training Network, a program of the Department of Energy’s Sunshot Initiative. This network, of which SEI is a regional provider, promotes and provides training and expertise in the installation of solar technologies. In addition to training and working with community colleges and universities that offer solar programs, the network also provides training to solar inspectors to ensure high-quality installations.

SEI Instructors Brian Mehalic, Rebekah Hren, Ryan Mayfield, and Brad Burkhartzmeyer taught full-day courses focused on the NEC and building codes and how they apply to solar electric systems. Electrical and building inspectors, fire marshals, installers, plan examiners, and solar students from Renton, WA, Reno, NV, and Tucson, AZ attended the training, providing a range of perspectives and questions. Many of the inspectors we met had little experience with solar and one went so far as to say “Solar is our worst nightmare.” We had our work cut out for us! These trainings aim to break down these fears and provide inspectors with a better understanding of the basic components of PV systems and how these systems work within the NEC.  When best practices are followed, the adoption of solar electric systems becomes a more attractive, safer, and reliable technology for consumers to adopt (and for inspectors to inspect!)

The trainings will continue in May, when SEI visits Oregon, Kansas, Colorado, and Utah. By the end of trainings, inspectors in our region will know (and love) NEC Article 690 like the back of their hand and love solar as much as we do!

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