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SEI provides solar training for women

Posted by: april
May 18, 2010

Solar Energy International is proud to announce its 14th year of solar electric (PV) training for women. As the solar electric industry grows, it is a prime time for women to enter the solar PV field. These extremely popular workshops have been well-attended by women from all over the world looking to gain technical knowledge on how to design and install code compliant solar electric systems.

Solar Energy International Women's Solar PV Program

Leading women solar professionals in the field teach this distinctive women's-only solar training designed to empower and encourage women to explore the industry. Many women have little hands-on electrical experience and are wary of attending a co-ed course with men who have grown up using power tools. Even women with hands-on experience already working in technical fields find it helpful and rewarding to network with other women interested in and/or working in renewable energy. This summer, SEI offers workshops geared to women seeking solar training

  • PV101/201L: Solar Electric Fundamentals and Grid-Direct Design with Lab Week - Women's June 7-18, Paonia, CO 

This course will provide an overview of the three basic PV system applications, primarily focusing on grid-direct systems.  The goal of the course is to create a fundamental understanding of the core concepts necessary to work with all PV systems, including: system components, site analysis, PV module criteria, mounting solutions, safety, and commissioning. The course will also cover the basics of sizing a residential grid-direct system, wire sizing, overcurrent protection. 
Click here for full course description and to enroll online.

  • PV201L Grid-Direct Solar Electric Lab Week - Women's June 14-18, Paonia, CO

Take Solar Energy International's PV201L: Grid-Direct Solar Electric Lab Week at our world-class PV lab training facility in Paonia, Colorado. Students will install, tear down, dissect, and reinstall different grid-direct PV systems. The lab workshop focuses on safe installation and commissioning practices. The maximum eight to one student-to-instructor ratio and comprehensive lab setting create the perfect environment to get your first hands-on PV experience.
Click here for full course description and to enroll online.

  • PV202: Grid-Direct Solar Electric Systems and Code Criteria - Women's Aug 30-Sep 3, Minneapolis, MN 

Apply the National Electrical Code (NEC) to residential and commercial grid-direct solar electric systems to ensure safe, code-compliant design and installation.  
Click here for full course description and to enroll online.

Are you a college student or SEI alum? SEI alumna receive 10% off. College students with a photo ID receive 15% off. If you are both, a combined discount of 25% can be used for either the full two-week course (PV101/201L Solar Electric Fundamentals and Grid-Direct Design with Lab Week - Women's) or the one-week lab-only course (PV201L Grid-Direct Solar Electric Lab Week - Women's). 

Those who have completed SEI workshops receive 10% off all future training of five days or more. Browse our solar training and renewable energy education options and call (970) 963-8855 to register. Mention your alumnus status to receive 10% off renewable training enrollment.

Become a Solar Sister today! Scholarships and discounts available for these courses by calling (970) 963-8855.

About Solar Energy International

Solar Energy International (SEI) is a non-profit 501(c)3 solar training and renewable energy educational organization with a mission to help others to use renewable energy and natural building technology through education and technical assistance. For information about SEI's solar PV training curriculum and the 2010 workshop schedule please visit or contact SEI at (970) 963-8855.

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