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Solar PV Training Update: SEI Announces Advanced Solar Training Lab: PV351L - August 18th

Posted by: chris
July 15, 2014

Our past PV351L hands-on lab students are jumping with joy for how much they learned in Solar Energy International's (SEI) most advanced lab event offered.  SEI has announced another session next month - PV351L: Tools and Techniques for PV System Operations and Maintenance.   Registration is open and class starts Aug. 18th!

Exciting and complex new analytical tools for photovoltaic system operations and maintenance (O&M) allow fast access to information which previously had been very difficult to gather. Whether commissioning a system, locating intermittent ground faults, or looking for module failures, knowing the techniques to safely and effectively use these new tools requires hand-on training.

Solar Energy International is offering an advanced four-day training for solar professionals to gain hands-on experience with a wide range of state-of-the-art tools used for PV system commissioning and troubleshooting. The class will be held at SEI’s world-class lab facility in Paonia, CO. With modules and inverters from dozens of major manufacturers, plus the guidance of expert instructors, it’s hard to imagine a facility more suited to training PV professionals on better, safer commissioning and O&M techniques using the newest tools on the market.

Register Online >> or Call: 970-963-8855

SEI instructor Brian Mehalic says: "I can’t wait to teach this class, it will be SEI’s most advanced lab class ever! The mix of experienced students and top-notch instructors – plus the latest and greatest equipment – promises a rewarding week for everyone involved.”

Course participants will learn the proper set-up and use of PV test tools including a variety of digital multimeters, insulation testers/megaohmmeters, I-V curve tracers, and thermal cameras; practice system acceptance testing with complete field procedures; evaluate the performance of operating systems; and troubleshoot and locate common PV array and system faults using appropriate methodologies and testing tools.

SEI has been offering in-person and hands-on lab training for over 20 years and online solar training courses for over 10 years.

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