Results are in, Solarize Delta County yields 150kW

The sun has set on the recent Solarize campaign, but the future of the solar market in Delta County is bright. Results of this program revealed that as a community, Delta County invested $500,000 in 150 kW of solar energy, achieving the $500 mark in a tiered rebate system. In total, this program has introduced […]

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Neighbors are Going Solar

Last summer, solar installers Empowered Energy Systems of Hotchkiss were busy installing 23 new solar PV systems, contracted through Solarize North Fork Valley. Totally 120 kW, these projects joined the more than 300 other net-metered systems on DMEA’s grid. Add to this number the City of Delta Utility’s solar-powered homes and businesses and the countless […]

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Why Rural America Needs Local Energy Solutions

The future of energy in Rural America is unfolding right in our backyard. Last summer our local utility servicing Solar Energy International’s headquarters in Paonia, Colorado, Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), won a favorable ruling before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). This decision recognizes DMEA’s right to step outside of their existing 40-year power contract […]

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The Thompson’s Solar Story

Kathy and Greg Thompson stand proudly in front of the ground mounted PV Array, one of the 23 installations completed as a part of Solarize North Fork Valley in the Spring and Summer of 2015. The Thompsons were like many others curious of solar and how it might benefit them. They’ve been interested in photovoltaic […]

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Solarize Delta County nears Halfway Mark! 55 Homes and Businesses Registered so Far!

Educational events for June Announced

Installers from Empowered Energy Systems, LLC of Hotchkiss just finished the first installation in a series of new solar PV systems springing up around Delta County. A brand new 25 kW commercial system now sits atop workspace solutions ProSpace’s roof in Delta. The system is sized to produce some 35,000 kWh/year of energy. To […]

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North Fork Solar Fair Draws Record Crowd

Community Turns Out to Learn & Act for Local Solutions

PAONIA CO – Since soon after the earliest settlers moved into Colorado’s North Fork Valley it has relied on two major forces to drive its economy: energy and agriculture. This year the North Fork Solar Fair & Permaculture Expo built on that proud heritage with a […]

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The Brett’s Solar Story

Elaine and Jim Brett just finished their inaugural year as Solar PV customers, in their net zero home. Their solar panels sit atop of their also recently completed home, on the outskirts of Paonia. Elaine said of her experience “in deciding to build a new house, we wanted to incorporate energy efficient designs and materials […]

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Solarize Delta County Launches April 15!

Solar Energy International (SEI) is proud to announce the April 15th launch of Solarize Delta County, an effort to increase the accessibility and affordability of solar energy for all Delta County residents. With the support of the Delta County Economic Development (DCED), Solarize Delta County seeks to raise local awareness of solar, lower the cost […]

A World Powered by Renewable Energy, Starting right here in the North Fork

Solar Energy International (SEI) is proud to announce that the round of Solarize North Fork Valley resulted in over $400,000 in local investment through the installation of 120kW of solar in 22 new systems. For our tiny community of Hotchkiss, Crawford and Paonia, this is significant and only the beginning.

Solarize North Fork Valley was created […]

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Going Solar in the Modern Age

Today there is a cheaper and easier answer that hybridizes consciousness and convenience.  Taking a few minutes to understand grid-tied, net-metered, roof-mounted solar systems is worth the while.

Grid-tied: this means the energy a solar array produces is directly linked to the electrical  utility grid.  No pricey batteries necessary!  No maintenance or upkeep.  You can think […]

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