Issue 91 - November 2010
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New PV System on Paonia Town Hall
SEI Goes to Canada!
Solar energy for Haiti
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Solar Electric Design & Installation (Grid-Direct)
Feb. 21 - 26 -- Tucson, AZ
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Solar Business and Technical Sales Course
PV206 video
SEI's new PV206 Solar Business and Technical Sales online course has filled incredibly fast, demonstrating the huge interest in gaining solar business skills.  The course builds on our historic tradition of offering Solar Business workshops.  Due to the demand, SEI is offering another online PV206 course in January.

Through insightful presentations and instruction from working experts in the field, SEI's PV206 Solar Business and Technical Sales course covers marketing and sales techniques you will need to be successful.

We recommend taking PV206 Solar Business and Technical Sales in conjunction with SEI's technical training workshops - PV101 and PV202. Those completing ALL THREE courses will have the technical training necessary to help direct a potential solar PV site from initial analysis to successful design and installation.

Upcoming online courses with spaces still available include:

Upcoming SEI workshops 
SEI PV workshop
SEI is constantlyupdating our website with new workshop dates and locations for 2011  workshops.  We have many upcoming offerings of PV101: Solar Electric Design & Installation workshops around the country, including in Tucson, Sacramento, Guemes Island, and Salt Lake City.

There are also a few spaces left in our upcoming international workshops in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  Be sure not to miss out on these exciting opportunities!

 What Midterm Election Results Mean for Solar
2010 elections

Regardless of the outcome of Nov. 2 midterm elections, Rhone Resch, president and CEO of Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), is positive about the solar industry's future. "Our industry doubled this last year in size and now has almost 100,000 people employed in the U.S.," he said. "We're a real economic force and that resonates with both Democrats and Republicans."

A GOP Congress has historically supported solar, from the first tax credits passed in the 2005 energy bill by a Republican House and Senate, to extensions passed in 2007 and signed by George W. Bush. The greatest challenge for moving forward energy or tax policy will be getting Republicans and Democrats to work together to advance policy, Resch said. He said the challenge will be "breaking through the log jam that's existed for the last several years."

Read Lindsay Morris' blog on RenewableEnergyWorld.com for the entire story.  Or register for RE World's free webinar on November 30, The Impact of the Midterm Election on Energy Policy.

Fuel Efficient Stoves to Combat Climate Change
Trees, Water & People Trees, Water & People (TWP) has been honored by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) with the 2009-10 Sasakawa Prize for their work collaborating with local NGOs to distribute fuel-efficient cook stoves to communities in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Haiti.

The UNEP Sasakawa Prize, worth $200,000, is presented each year to sustainable and replicable grassroots projects around the planet. The 2009-10 theme for the Sasakawa Prize was "Green Solutions to Combat Climate Change." The winners, selected by a panel of four people including Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and UN Messenger of Peace Wangari Maathai, received $100,000 each in order to expand and develop their grassroots projects.

For more information about the prize please visit UNEP's website

New PV System on Paonia Town Hall
Paonia Town Hall PV SEI recently installed a 6.3kW PV system on the Town Hall in Paonia, CO. The hardware was funded by a grant from the StEPP Foundation, SEI donated design and labor time, and Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) and the Town of Paonia gave their support to the project. At 6.3kw it is the largest system in the town of Paonia, and it's visible from downtown.

"For a town that is the home to SEI's PV department and training center, it is great to finally have a commercial PV system that can be seen when walking through downtown," stated Kris Sutton, the lead installer and a SEI PV Instructor.

SEI Goes to Canada!
Fourth Pig PV

The Fourth Pig, a Canadian non-profit group founded by two SEI alumni, contracted SEI to teach our first class in Ontario, Canada.  The class featured our first ever PV101 class created with new Canadian content.  Additions to our well tested PV101 curriculum included the Ontario Electric Safety Code, current information of the Ontario Feed-In-Tariff program, and Canadian sites to do all sizing exercises and design.   The class was a huge success and included on-site tours and local guest speakers.

The Fourth Pig is an organization whose mission is to foster ecologically balanced methods of construction and energy production in order to promote more sustainable and healthy communities. 

 Solar Energy for Haiti
Schoolchildren in Haiti
Schoolchildren in Haiti 
photo courtesy of SELF

In the opening minutes of this year's Clinton Global Initiative, former President Clinton announced a $1 million commitment from NRG Energy to partner with the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) on a pioneering project in the Central Plateau region of Haiti -- The Sun Lights the Way: Brightening Boucan Carré.


Building on SELF's work in Boucan Carré with Partners In Health, the NRG commitment will help SELF provide clean, safe, renewable power for fish farming, drip irrigation systems, street lights and schools. This fits with the overall plan for Haiti of "building back better" and will create a model that can be replicated in other areas.

  Featured Alum - Salinee Tavaranan
Salinee TavarananSEI alum and Associate Salinee Tavaranan recently became a PopTech fellow.  PopTech is a global community of cutting-edge leaders, thinkers, and doers from many different disciplines, who come together to explore the social impact of new technologies, the forces of change shaping our future, and new approaches to solving the world's most significant challenges. Their Social Innovation Fellows program trains and mentors next-generation social entrepreneurs working in development, health, energy, education, water, and related fields. 

and the Border Green Energy Team are helping to bring light to some of the world's darkest places. She and her team work on the border of her homeland, Thailand, and Burma, a country that's been embroiled in civil war for over sixty years, to bring solar power to clinics and medical facilities that desperately need it. Salinee joins fellow SEI Associate Laura Stachel of WE CARE Solar as a PopTech 2010 Social Innovation Fellow.

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