Jack is a licensed Illinois attorney. He began a shift to a more sustainable career path by focusing on efficiency first. He studied with The U.S. Green Building Council and became a LEED® AP in 2009. He then completed the full slate of courses offered by The Midwest Renewable Energy Association (“The MREA”) in Wind, Solar Thermal and PV and became an MREA Certified Solar Site Assessor. Jack is also an alumnus of SEI’s PVOL202 “Advanced PV System Design” and PVOL206 “Solar Business and Technical Sales.”

Jack has installed PV systems on Habitat for Humanity homes in Milwaukee and on his home in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. He has been a NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer, a NABCEP Certified PV Technical Sales professional, and an ISPQ Certified Affiliated Instructor.

Jack is an instructor for SEI’s PVOL206 “Solar Business and Technical Sales.” And, he is an instructor for The MREA in PV and Solar Thermal. He is also a conference presenter (Maximizing Renewable Energy in Commercial Real Estate). And, Jack works in sales of PV & solar hot water/heating systems to businesses and home owners.

Jack is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Illinois Solar Energy Association. And, he is a Climate Reality Project Leader and speaker.

Jack is optimistic about the prospects of this planet because of the dedication the training associations, the passion of the students, and the increasing interest of the public in solar.