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PV Specific

Q. How do I know which PV workshop is right for me?

To figure out which PV workshop is right for you, you can start by reading the workshop descriptions listed at Decide if you would like to start with an in-person workshop or online course.  The online course can be less expensive, and you don't have to spend money to travel or take time off from work.  The in-person workshops do often have at least one day of hands on, and some students prefer to learn in person as opposed to online.  Both online and in-person workshops cover the same curriculum for similar coded courses (ie. PV101 in-person and PVOL101 Online cover the very same curriculum).  A great option to get started is to take the PVOL101 course online, and then when you are ready to move forward, come to an in-person one week long PV201L Lab Week at our lab facility in Paonia, CO.  If you have questions regarding NABCEP, and what workshops to take as you begin working towards certification as either an installer or technical sales person, please visit our NABCEP Certification page

Q. Do I need to have any previous experience or knowledge to take a PV workshop?

A. All PV101 workshops, either online or in-person, require no previous experience or knowledge.  We start with the very basics, but quickly get into the details of designing a solar electric system.  However, the PV202, PV203, 201L and 301L workshops all require previous workshop attendance.  Please see the respective workshop pages for prerequisite information.

Q. How do I sign up for PV 101 PREP?

A. When you register for any PV101 in-person course, you are automatically registered for PV 101 PREP Online.  The prep course is included in the cost of PV101 in-person.  After registering, you will receive further instructions regarding logging on to the online instructorless PV101 PREP component.  We ask that you complete PV101 PREP completely prior to coming to your PV101 workshop.

Q. Does SEI offer the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners) entry-level certificate exam at the end of photovoltaic related online courses?

A. Yes, SEI can help you get scheduled to take the NABCEP entry-level certificate exam.  Please click here to visit our NABCEP Certification page to learn more.

Q. What online courses do I need to take to qualify for the NABCEP PV installer certification exam?

A. Once you have successfully completed both PV 101, and PV202 or PV203, you will have met the educational requirements to sit for the NABCEP installers exam. You will still need to acquire practical installation experience to qualify to sit for the exam. For more information, please visit

Q. If I want to take multiple courses to truly prepare myself for the solar industry and a career, which PV courses should I take and in what order?

A. If you are interested in signing up for a full spectrum of solar electric training you should consider enrolling in a certificate program.  A quality training certificate program should be based on industry-reviewed curriculum that introduces students to current technologies and best practices.  A quality training certificate program should also have a strong focus on safety and real world job-site conditions.  Additionally, a quality training certificate program should be long enough in both training hours and number of courses to fully expose you to all the topics and conditions that exist in the industry.  Solar Energy International has launched a new, comprehensive Solar Professionals Certificate Program for 2012.  Visit to learn more and to apply for acceptance into the program.