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CE520: Introduction to SketchUp PV System Modeling

NABCEP Hours: 24 advanced training hours/ NABCEP CE hours: 6 Non-Tech/Other.  In this course we will establish fundamental SketchUp modeling methods and techniques for creating a 3-dimensional realistic residential roof and designing photovoltaic (PV) module layouts to go on the roof. We will be incorporating roof face setbacks and pathways to meet code requirements and to satisfy good design practices. Shading analysis techniques will be presented and used to further refine the PV module layouts. SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, or later is required. Using the free version of SketchUp, known as SketchUp Make, will work for taking this course however the Pro version of SketchUp is preferred.

what you will learn

There are three lessons in this course. In lesson one, we start with modeling the roof based on site evaluation drawings. There is a roof geometry quiz at the end of this lesson that must be successfully completed before you can access lesson two.

In lesson two, vents and other shading features and obstructions will be added to the roof. The opportunity for doing additional modeling will be provided in this lesson for those that want to learn how to add other features to enhance the roof and make it into a house. This additional modeling is entirely optional. This lesson also has a vent placement quiz that must be successfully completed before you can access lesson three.

In lesson three, PV modules will be added to the roof. Also fire code roof access pathways and setbacks will be discussed, analyzed, and used when placing the PV modules. Additionally, other setbacks that are part of good design practice will also be used to determine where to place PV modules. The lesson, and course, will conclude with doing shading analysis to refine PV module placement and system size

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nabcep certification information

SEI Contact Training Hours: 24 hours

NABCEP Training Hours:

  • PV Installer Certification Requirements: This course counts for 24 advanced training hours.
  • PV Installer Recertification:  This course counts for 6 JTA and 6 Non-Technical/Other continuing education hours.
  • PV Technical Sales Recertification: This course counts for 12 JTA and 6 Non-Technical/Other continuing education hours.
  • PV Associate Recertification Requirements: This course counts for 12 education hours.
  • Solar Heating Recertification: 6 Non-Technical/Other training hours.

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