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PV207: PVsyst and Helioscope for PV System Production Modeling

This course has been developed in order to provide participants with real-world, practical training and skills to use two of the industry’s leading solar-software design platforms: PVsyst and Helioscope. This course is being delivered in cooperation with our partners at Shams Global Solutions in Muscat, Oman.

Whether providing a production guarantee, optimizing system design, or verifying that system performance meets expectations, PVsyst and Helioscope are two of the main tools the PV industry turns to. This course is targeted towards beginning users, and will show you in detail how to get started creating accurate production estimates for any size PV system, from residential to commercial to large-scale, roof mount or ground mount.

If you are unable to attend this course and interested in online training, consider SEI’s CE524: PVsyst for PV System Production Modeling

what you will learn

PVsyst and Helioscope are widely used for providing production guarantees, optimizing system designs, or verifying that system-performance meets expectations. Learn how to find and import the correct meteorological data, create system variants for any size system, and accurately define the orientation, layout, shading, and detailed system losses. Learn about quick design optimization techniques that will be simple to model. By the end of this course you will be confidently simulating production and printing reports to share in both PVsyst and Helioscope.

The agenda for this course is:

• Introduction and Overview of PVsyst
• Introduction and Overview of Helioscope
• Finding, Importing and Reviewing Meteo-Data
• Creating System Variants (Orientation, Design, Shading, Losses, etc.)
• Creating System Variants (Commercial, Utility-Scale)
• Simulation and Optimization
• Reporting, Analysis Tools, Project Creation Practices and Sample Designs

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Prerequisites: Before participating in the PV207 course, students MUST complete PV101 or PVOL101, an equivalent course from another organization, or pass a placement quiz.

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