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PV351L: Solar Training - PV Systems - Tools and Techniques for Operations and Maintenance Lab Week (Grid-Direct)

Students in this class will learn the theory behind and gain hands-on experience with a wide range of state-of-the-art analytical tools. The class will focus on PV system operations and maintenance, performance evaluation, and troubleshooting techniques using tools such as the IV Curve Tracer, Insulation Resistance Tester, Thermal Camera, Multimeter, and Clamp-On Meter.

what you will learn

Students who complete the PV351 workshop will be able to:

  • Determine use and analyze results from various test tools used during commissioning, performance evaluation, operations and maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Define the theory, procedures, and processes behind insulation resistance testing, IV curve tracing, infrared cameras and thermal imaging, performance evaluation, and troubleshooting
  • Demonstrate proper set-up, use, and function of PV test tools including: IV curve tracers, insulation resistance testers, and thermal cameras
  • Evaluate the performance of working systems using correct and complete field procedures
  • Troubleshoot and locate common PV array and system faults using appropriate methodologies and testing tools
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helpful information

Check out the SEI Podcast Series regarding this training topic: Tools and Techniques for Solar PV Operations and Maintenance.

PREREQUISITE COURSES: Before participating in the PV351L course, students MUST complete PV101 or PVOL101, PV202 or PVOL202, and PV201L OR an equivalent course from another organization, have NABCEP certification, or demonstrate field experience and pass placement quizzes. Please contact [email protected] if you feel you are qualified to skip the prerequisite for PV351L.

To view sessions of our online Tools & Techniques for Operations and Maintenance training, click  PVOL350.

For information on SEI’s Solar Professionals Certificate Program please click here.  For information on SEI’s workshop and training program policies please click here.

nabcep certification information

SEI Contact Training Hours: 5 days in person = 40 hours

This course provides approved credit hours towards the following NABCEP Certifications and Recertifications:

  • PV Installation Professional
  • PV Design Specialist
  • PV Installation Specialist
  • PV Commissioning and Maintenance Specialist
  • PV Technical Sales Professional (Recertification Only)
  • PV Associate (Renewal only)
  • PV System Inspector (Recertification only)
  • SH Associate (Renewal only)
  • Solar Heating System Inspector (Recertification only)
  • Solar Heating Installer (Recertification only)

Please visit NABCEP’S online course catalog for credit hours breakdown.

more on nabcep certification > sei's solar professionals certificate program info >

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course snapshot

  • Paonia, CO
    • May 17 2021 - May 21 2021
    • August 09 2021 - August 13 2021
    • September 27 2021 - October 01 2021
  • Paonia, CO
  • 5 days
  • 40 hours

course materials

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