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CE510: Tips, Tools and Techniques of the Solar Industry

NABCEP CE Hours: 2 JTA/Other. Veteran SEI instructor Ken Gardner shares lessons learned from on-the-job experience and best practices compiled from a variety of industry leaders over the years. This two-hour presentation covers: tools used in the solar industry; residential and commercial solar installation examples; transformerless inverter installations; off-grid and grid-tie with battery backup considerations; load side connections; and ballasted roof top and ground-mounted systems.

what you will learn

  • Helpful tools and products used in the solar industry
  • Residential installation tips
  • Commercial solar installation examples
  • Transformerless inverter installations
  • Grid-tie with battery backup design and installation
  • Off-grid design considerations
  • Load side taps
  • Grounding
  • Ballasted roof top system design
  • Ground mount design
  • Custom racking
  • Wiring methods
  • New technologies
  • Battery box construction
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helpful information

Join SEI for this two-hour webinar-based online solar training session. Online registration provides 60 days of access to the recording of this webinar.  Once you have viewed and completed the online webinar session, you can print a Record of Completion that reflects the NABCEP CE Hours.

nabcep certification information

NABCEP Continuing Education 

PV Installer Recertification: 2 Job Task Analysis (JTA) or ‘Other’ Training Hours

PV Associate Recertification: 2 training hours

Technical Sales Recertification: 2 Job Task Analysis (JTA) or Non-Technical/Other training hours.

Solar Heating Recertification: 2 Non-Technical/Other training hours.

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