For folks new to solar to those with years of experience, SEI’s Solar Installation Safety Training has been a huge success. Hundreds of our earliest enrollees have completed the free online safety course, with glowing reviews. Says one student, “it was well worth every minute to listen and participate in the interactive online program”- woohoo thank you! And good news is, we are open for more free enrollments until August 15th!

The course, offered to qualified individuals, was created in early 2018 after SEI was awarded an OSHA Susan Harwood Training Grant. A common message among student evaluations was that the course is valuable to those of all experience levels. Says one industry newcomer, “this was a great introduction to material I will need in my new role as a solar site surveyor, assessing hazards for our installers. I feel much more equipped to protect their safety. Thanks SEI!”. Thank YOU! Another industry veteran writes “good course even if you have a good amount of experience. Some of the fatality examples reminded me to never get lazy or in a hurry and ignore safety”. Students also appreciated the course layout and content flow; says one installer “well organized, logical topic grouping – seems like all the most relevant/important safety topics for roof installations were covered”. We’re glad to hear it!

Many folks suggested that all new employees, again regardless of their experience in the PV industry, should take this course. Says one company owner, “it would be worth it for our company to pay for our new installers to do this program in the future.’ Other students, from installers to project managers to business owners, seemed to echo the statement that this course should be mandatory for any new hires. Remember, it is great to have well-educated crews doing top quality installations, and it is even more important that every installer go home safely to their friends and family each night.

As always, this course was created by a team of SEI curriculum developers with decades of PV field experience. This experience allowed the team to bring forward their most valuable “lessons learned” to develop a safety course tailored to solar installations. Says one student, “the course material was very specific to what I do every day. It’s a great course taught by skilled people- if you have spent any time in the field, you will recognize a lot of the techniques and hazards that are covered in this course”.

SEI thrives on creating training material that helps our industry become better at what we do, presented in a way that every individual can digest and learn from. Says Dana Hickenbottom of Itek Energy, “SEI continues to be the gold standard of solar energy education and training within the industry. I can’t think of any other organization that has earned a better reputation through their incredibly knowledgeable and experience staff, well-designed courses, and community outreach”. Thank you so much Dana! And thanks to all the students who have completed the inaugural offering of our Solar Installation Safety Training.

Once again, this online course is available for FREE until August 15th. Students will have 30 days to complete the 12-hr course and earn NABCEP CEUs. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity by registering here:

Note: The duration of this class is 30 days with NO extensions or retakes