Jay Peltz has been working in the renewable energy field since 1993. He spent from 1994 to 2000 working as the head designer and head of technical support for AEE Solar.  In 2000, Jay started his own business specializing in installing and consulting in off-grid solar, water pumping and micro hydro installations. He has  lived off the grid for ten years on a 40 acre homestead with solar electric, solar thermal and micro hydro power. Although most of his work is in his local Northern California area, he has done installations in South and Central America, Asia, and many locations here in North America. Jay is an SEI graduate of 1993 and has been teaching with SEI since 1997, his first adventure working with a local Native American tribe. Since then he has taught  both here in the US and internationally. When not working he relaxes by surfing and riding his motorcycle.

Jay Peltz, IREC Certified Master TrainerTM for PV Installation Professional