Kathy is honored to serve as SEI’s Executive Director, especially since she is one of the over 40,000+ alumni of SEI. She took her first PV class in 2004, which kickstarted her career in solar. With a background in environmental education, Kathy’s goal is to ensure that SEI’s Training Program prepares participants with the knowledge and hands-on experiences needed to safely and successfully work with renewable energy systems. Under Kathy’s leadership, SEI spun off Programa Hispano, our Spanish PV training division, and SEI Professional Services (SEIPS), a for-profit business that provides the foremost technical expertise in solar energy to empower people, grow businesses, and influence the global PV industry through best practices. All profits from SEIPS are donated back to SEI to support the non-profit mission.  Kathy took over the organization after co-founder Johnny Weiss retired from SEI in 2012, and she was recently recognized as an Action Hero through the Interstate Renewable Energy Council and through the Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (C3E) Initiative.  Personally and professionally, she lives her life dedicated to SEI’s vision of a world powered by renewable energy.