By Karo Fernandez, SEI Instructor for PV201L and Curriculum Developer.

PV201L… is where I get inspired

I have been teaching for Solar Energy International (SEI) for six years. Every experience I have had as an instructor, especially through hands-on installation classes, has been rewarding. There´s always an opportunity for growth, in many different aspects of career and personal goals.

Part of what I love about teaching for SEI is that it is a “safe zone” for everyone, students and teachers alike, to say “I do not know the answer to that, but I am here to find out.” Students can expect to feel comfortable asking questions, as we are all here coming with a humble approach to learn together. They can also expect to be in expert hands, with all our instructors having extensive experience and expertise. As instructors, we strive on enabling our students by sharing everything we know, to the best of our abilities. We are curious to discover new avenues about our industry, and that comes from students who visit us with curiosity, too.

I come from an engineering background in a culture that is still very much male-dominated, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank specifically the women who come share a week of learning at SEI. They have especially empowered me to feel the Girl Power that comes from learning and laughing in sisterhood. My mind has been opened by all the women I´ve had the pleasure to meet, instruct, and learn from. We are paving the road and making way to equality, starting with ourselves. Thank you, and I cannot wait to meet the hundreds more women I know will cross my path as we keep growing together.

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