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MH101: Micro-Hydro Training – Micro-Hydro Design & Installation

This workshop will cover design considerations as they apply to both low and high head micro-hydro systems. The focus will be on core concepts that may be applied to a wide range of hydro applications. Participants perform preliminary system sizing for mechanical and electrical power generation of 50-watt to 100-kilowatt capacities. The course combines class […]

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PV110: Solar Training – Solar Water Pumping

This 24-hour course is a 3-day course consisting of classroom lecture with tours and hands-on labs. Lectures are presented in powerpoint format with exercises, quizzes, group discussion, and homework. Tours and lab provide an opportunity for students to see systems and apply the theory they learn in lectures.

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PV201L: Solar Training – Solar Electric Lab Week (Grid-Direct)

This solar training workshop offers five days of hands-on installation practice with grid-direct systems. By working in small groups, students will put what they’ve learned in PV101 to the test. Students will fully install and commission a wide variety of system types before testing the system, then de-commissioning and breaking down. Students rotate between a […]

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PV301L: Solar Training – Solar Electric Lab Week (Battery-Based)

Safely install, test, and commission battery-based PV systems in this solar training workshop. Lab stations are comprised of both stand-alone and grid-tied with battery back-up systems, and include both AC and DC coupled systems. Integrating generator back-up will also be covered. Participants will concentrate on battery safety, wiring, and maintenance, and will wire balance of […]

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PV351L: Solar Training – PV Systems – Tools and Techniques for Operations and Maintenance Lab Week (Grid-Direct)

Students in this class will learn the theory behind and gain hands-on experience with a wide range of state-of-the-art analytical tools. The class will focus on PV system operations and maintenance, performance evaluation, and troubleshooting techniques using tools such as the IV Curve Tracer, Insulation Resistance Tester, Thermal Camera, Multimeter, and Clamp-On Meter.

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FV201L: Laboratorio Fotovoltaico de Sistemas Conectados a la Red – Práctico

¡Esta es la capacitación de instalación de sistemas FV interactivos directos más completa! Nuestro taller FV201L, de 5 días, ofrece experiencia práctica en instalación de sistemas FV interactivos directos (sin baterías) en operación, en nuestras instalaciones de capacitación de clase mundial en Colorado, EE.UU. Características como: máximo ocho estudiantes por instructor y un campus lleno […]

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FV301L: Laboratorio Fotovoltaico de Sistemas Basados en Baterías – Práctico

Esta clase de laboratorio de cinco días es una gran oportunidad para obtener experiencia práctica en una amplia gama de componentes en sistemas fotovoltaicos (FV) basados en baterías. Esta capacitación práctica se brinda en nuestras instalaciones de clase mundial en Colorado, EE.UU. El trabajo es realizado en grupos pequeños con instructores experimentados en sistemas FV […]

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