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SEI Live: Interactive Workshops & Webinar Series

SEI’s live training seminars cover topics such as best practices, O&M and more, along with a Q&A session.

These interactive workshops are being offered as part of the Global Solar Connection Initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to create a global sense of connection and community around renewable energy education to combat the growing sense of isolation and disconnection brought on by COVID-19.

Register for workshops below and enjoy a live session with experts of the industry!

We will be adding more sessions in the near future, please check back in for additional interactive trainings!

Solar Vaccine Refrigeration-Past, Present and Future

(August 5th 2pm-4pm MT) The evolution of battery-less Solar Direct Drive (SDD) This interactive workshop presents the complete picture of how remote vaccine refrigeration technology has evolved, from early solar+battery systems (which often failed) to “battery-free” solar direct drive (SDD) technology that is incredibly reliable. Learn about the new ways that solar direct drive now […]

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Prácticas Recomendadas de Instalación en Sistemas FV

Agosto,12 1pm a 4pm (hora de Colorado) (Nivel Principiante) Aprenda técnicas correctas de instalación con recomendaciones de expertos en la industria FV, así como requerimiento básicos y prácticas de calidad de las mejores empresas instaladoras de sistemas FV. Aprenda técnicas para minimizar riesgos y entregar una instalación digna de ser inspeccionada y revisada por expertos. […]

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