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SEI Live: Interactive Workshop Series

SEI’s live training seminars cover topics such as best practices, O&M and more, along with a Q&A session.

These interactive workshops are being offered as part of the Global Solar Connection Initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to create a global sense of connection and community around renewable energy education to combat the growing sense of isolation and disconnection brought on by COVID-19.

Register for workshops below and enjoy a live session with experts of the industry!

We will be adding more sessions in the near future, please check back in for additional interactive workshops!

A Dive into Diodes and Module Failures

(May 28th 9am-1pm MT) Bypass diodes are installed in the majority of PV modules to provide protection against overheating and possible fires from shading, soiling, or damage. But recent trends indicate that a growing number of them may be failing, causing potential problems in the field. This half day course will overview the fundamentals of […]

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