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SEI’S Continuing Education Package for NABCEP Recertification.

These programs consist of 18 or 30 credit hours chosen from our CE Webinar Offerings.  Choose your webinars to meet the 6 Code Based hours, 6 JTA Hours and 6 Other/NonTechnical Hours required by NABCEP for Recertification.

18 Hour Package
30 Hour Package

SEI’s Continuing Education program is aligned with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) approved topic list for re-certification. Individuals from other trades and industries such as electricians and roofers can also take advantage of these sessions toward their CE requirements. These sessions are offered as on-demand recorded presentations to provide flexibility for the busy professional.

You can also select individual webinars below.

RE100: Introduction to Renewable Energy

SEI’s Free Online Course Welcome to the world of renewable energy!  RE100 is a free course that covers the basics of renewable energy, and is a great introduction for those new to the field, those who are looking to make a career change, or those who just want to learn more about energy from the […]

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ER100: Introducción a las energias renovables – En línea

¡CURSO GRATUITO! Las fuentes de energía renovable están en todo nuestro alrededor: agua, viento, sol… cada día más personas las utilizan como parte de su vida diaria. Las utilizamos para calentar nuestros hogares en épocas frías, para operar nuestros electrodomésticos, ducharnos con agua caliente, irrigar campos con agua para agricultura, etc. Hay amplio espacio para […]

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CE501: 2011 National Electric Code Updates for the Solar Professional

NABCEP CE Hours: 3 Code Based/Other/(JTA-Tech Sales).  This online solar training webinar provides a professional training opportunity targeted to a highly technical audience seeking 2011 National Electric Code updates and how they affect the solar professional and PV system installation and design. NABCEP CE Hours: 3 Code Based/Other

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CE505: Code Compliant Roof Mounting & Waterproof Flashing

NABCEP CE Hours: 2 JTA/Code/Other.  Roof penetrations are a tremendous liability for solar installers. This presentation will cover important roofing codes and methods to meet roofing best practices.

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CE506: Code-compliant Conductor Sizing for Grid-direct PV Systems

NABCEP CE Hours: 3 Code Based/Other/(JTA – Tech Sales).  PV system conductors operate in extreme environments – fortunately the 2011 NEC brought much needed clarity to wire sizing for PV systems.  This online solar training webinar is an in-depth look at the step-by-step process to meet ampacity and voltage drop requirements for all circuits in […]

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CE509: Advanced Solar Thermal Troubleshooting and Repair

NABCEP CE Hours: 2 JTA (Solar Heating) or Other (Installer/Tech Sales).  This online solar thermal training webinar provides a professional training opportunity targeted to an experienced technical audience seeking information on Solar Thermal Troubleshooting and Repair. This webinar is perfect for people who need continuing education credits for certifications, such as NABCEP.

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CE510: Tips, Tools and Techniques of the Solar Industry

NABCEP CE Hours: 2 JTA/Other.  Veteran SEI instructor Ken Gardner shares lessons learned from on-the-job experience and best practices compiled from a variety of industry leaders over the years.  This two-hour presentation covers: tools used in the solar industry; residential and commercial solar installation examples; transformerless inverter installations; off-grid and grid-tie with battery backup considerations; […]

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CE513: Rooftop PV: What You Need to Know About Roof Systems

NABCEP CE Hours: 2 JTA/Other.  This webinar will provide the basics about how roofs function and will explain in detail considerations specific to roof systems when PV systems are installed.  Designers and installers will learn how to integrate PV arrays with roof systems.  Drainage, wind resistance, fire resistance, loads, thermal movement, maintenance and safety will […]

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CE514: Rooftop PV: What You Need To Know About Building and Fire Codes

NABCEP CE Hours: 2 JTA/Other.  This webinar will discuss the new code requirements for PV installations in easy-to-understand ways so the codes become less intimidating.  You’re probably very familiar with the electric code requirements, but are you familiar with the building and fire codes?  This webinar will get you up to speed so you install […]

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CE516: 2014 National Electrical Code® and PV Systems

NABCEP CE Hours: 3 Code/Other/(JTA-Tech Sales).  The National Electrical Code® drives industry-wide best practices as well as product development cycles of PV component manufacturers, so whether you’re an installer, designer, manufacturer, engineer, or building official, it’s critical to stay on top of the game.  This webinar addresses significant changes in the 2014 Code that impact […]

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CE517: Performance Modeling of PV Systems

NABCEP CE Hours: 3.5 JTA/Other.  Estimating the production of PV systems is critical for their success.  Modeling is required for any sort of financial calculations, as well as for back-testing system performance.  Furthermore, different system design architectures and equipment choices can easily be simulated and compared, which can lead to more efficient, better performing systems […]

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CE518: Basics of PV Site Analysis

NABCEP CE Hours: 1 JTA/Other.  Visiting a site and gathering key electrical and structural information is an important step in designing a code-compliant PV system. In this Continuing Education class, students will learn the basic information required to gather from a proposed site. Whether a small residential grid-direct system or a large commercial PV system, […]

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CE519: Off-grid System Considerations

NABCEP CE Hours: 2 JTA/Other. There are many things to consider when sizing and designing an off-grid PV system.  In this continuing education course we’ll take a high level overview that will primarily focus on DC coupled off-grid systems.  We’ll discuss the different components in an off-grid system.  Then we’ll look at the different design […]

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CE520: Introduction to SketchUp PV System Modeling

NABCEP Hours: 24 advanced training hours/ NABCEP CE hours: 6 Non-Tech/Other.  In this course we will establish fundamental SketchUp modeling methods and techniques for creating a 3-dimensional realistic residential roof and designing photovoltaic (PV) module layouts to go on the roof. We will be incorporating roof face setbacks and pathways to meet code requirements and […]

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CE522: 2017 National Electrical Code™ and PV Systems

NABCEP CE Hours: 6 Code/Other/(JTA-Tech Sales).  The National Electrical Code® drives industry-wide best practices as well as product development cycles of PV component manufacturers, so whether you’re an installer, designer, manufacturer, engineer, or building official, it’s critical to stay on top of the game.  This short course walks through the 2017 National Electrical Code from […]

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CE523: Solar Installation Safety Training

NABCEP CE Hours:  12 NABCEP continuing education hours (PVIP, Technical Sales, PVA; 6 hrs. for Solar Thermal). 12 hours cannot exceed the following in each area: 2 Code/ 10 JTA / and 10 Other/non-Technical. Also counts as 12 advanced training hours towards initial NABCEP professional certification requirements.  As the PV industry continues to grow at […]

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