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CE516: 2014 National Electrical Code® and PV Systems

NABCEP CE Hours:  3 hours (click for details). The National Electrical Code® drives industry-wide best practices as well as product development cycles of PV component manufacturers, so whether you’re an installer, designer, manufacturer, engineer, or building official, it’s critical to understand the changes in each code cycle.  This on-demand training addresses significant changes in the 2014 Code that impact PV system design and installation, for systems ranging from battery-based off-grid to large utility-scale solar farms – the 2014 NEC® has new mandates for all of them.  Further NABCEP hours information found under Certification section below.


what you will learn

  • Rapid shutdown for PV systems on buildings
  • Expansion of ground-fault and arc-fault requirements
  • Changes that further enable 1,000 Vdc PV systems
  • Updates to disconnect and fuse servicing requirements
  • New standards for field-applied hazard markings
  • Major changes for interconnecting PV systems to the grid
  • New requirements for battery-based PV systems, both stand-alone and interactive
  • Additional changes in Articles 690 and 705, as well as other relevant Articles

Join SEI instructors and Code experts Rebekah Hren and Brian Mehalic for a fast-paced and fun three-hour long look at how PV design and installation requirements changed with the adoption of the 2014 Code.

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Join SEI instructors and Code experts Rebekah Hren and Brian Mehalic for a fast-paced and fun three-hour long look at where the PV industry is heading in regards to PV system design and installation.
You can submit questions via email to the instructors.

nabcep certification information

SEI Contact Training Hours: 3 hours online

This course provides approved credit hours towards the following NABCEP Certifications and Recertifications:

  • PV Installation Professional
  • PV Design Specialist
  • PV Installation Specialist
  • PV Commissioning and Maintenance Specialist
  • PV Technical Sales Professional
  • PV Associate (Renewal only)
  • SH Associate (Renewal only)
  • PV System Inspector (Recertification only)
  • Solar Heating System Inspector (Recertification only)
  • Solar Heating Installer (Recertification only)

Please visit NABCEP’S online course catalog for credit hours breakdown.

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