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CE519: Off-grid System Considerations

NABCEP CE Hours: 2 JTA/Other. There are many things to consider when sizing and designing an off-grid PV system.  In this continuing education course we’ll take a high level overview that will primarily focus on DC coupled off-grid systems.  We’ll discuss the different components in an off-grid system.  Then we’ll look at the different design parameters that are used when sizing an off-grid system.  Sizing examples will be used for each component using the design parameters for that component.  We’ll wrap things up with an overview of the maintenance required to keep an off-grid system running properly.

what you will learn

  • The main components in an off-grid system, how they function, and the different options available
  • The design parameters used when sizing an off-grid system
  • The steps used when sizing an off-grid system
  • The basics of how to size the individual components in an off-grid system
  • Off-grid system maintenance and the personal protective equipment required to safely maintain the system
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NABCEP Continuing Education
PV Installer Recertification:  2 JTA or ‘Other’ training hours
Technical Sales Recertification: 2 JTA or Non-Technical/Other training hours
PV Associate Recertification: 2 training hours
Solar Heating Recertification: 2 Non-Technical/Other training hours.
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