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CE509: Advanced Solar Thermal Troubleshooting and Repair

NABCEP CE Hours: 2 JTA (Solar Heating) or Other (Installer/Tech Sales).  This online solar thermal webinar provides a professional training opportunity targeted at an experienced technical audience seeking information regarding Solar Thermal Troubleshooting and Repair. This webinar is perfect for people who need continuing education credits for certifications, such as NABCEP.

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This advanced webinar features troubleshooting and repair of the components in solar thermal systems, including solar space heating systems. The target audience is installers and technicians that understand installation techniques and would like to increase their comprehension of drainback and antifreeze system service procedures. A section of the class includes newer differential controls, thermistors and RTD sensors, aquastats, relays, multiple differentials and space heating components. Troubleshooting and repair related to pumps, collectors, tanks, valves and safety devices are also part of the class.

This course is presented by Chuck Marken, Solar Thermal Expert and longtime SEI Instructor.

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Join SEI for a two-hour webinar-based training session.  Online registration provides 60 days of access to the recording of this webinar. Once you have viewed and completed the online webinar session, you can print a Record of Completion that reflects the 2 NABCEP Continuing Education hours.

nabcep certification information

 NABCEP Continuing Education –

Solar Heating Installer Recertification:  2 Job Task Analysis (JTA) or ‘other’ training hours.  

PV Installer Recertification:  2 ‘Other’ training hours

Technical Sales Recertification: 2 ‘Other’ training hours

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