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CE501: 2011 National Electric Code Updates for the Solar Professional

NABCEP CE Hours: 3 Code Based/Other/(JTA-Tech Sales).  This online solar training webinar provides a professional training opportunity targeted to a highly technical audience seeking 2011 National Electric Code updates and how they affect the solar professional and PV system installation and design. NABCEP CE Hours: 3 Code Based/Other

what you will learn

Solar Energy International discusses the following topics:

  • Are you are using the best temperature data to calculate maximum system voltage?
  • Have you reviewed new requirements for labeling, marking and routing conductors?
  • 2011 grounding and bonding requirements have been greatly simplified!
  • Wondering about the DC arc-fault protection devices now required?
  • Don’t forget that PV source and output fuses now require disconnects within sight!

SEI instructors Brian Mehalic and Rebekah Hren also discuss the following topics:

  • The code-making process, looking to 2014, Articles 90.1(B) and 110.3,
  • 690.4(B) Qualified persons
  • 690.8(B)(1) and (2) Overcurrent devices and conductor ampacity
  • 690.13 Exception 2 – Disconnecting means – all conductors
  • 690.31(E) DC circuits inside a building – Type MC, distance from decking, marking
  • 705.12(A) Size limits of parallel production sources
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helpful information

Join SEI for a three-hour webinar-based training session. Online registration provides 60 days of access to the recording of this webinar. Once you have viewed and completed the online webinar session, you can print a Record of Completion that reflects the 3 NABCEP Continuing Education training hours: PV Code Based or Non-Technical/Other.

nabcep certification information

NABCEP Continuing Education – PV Installer Recertification:  3 Code Based or ‘Other’ training hours

PV Associate Recertification: 3 training hours

PV Technical Sales Recertification: 3 JTA or Non-Technical/Other training hours.

Solar Heating Recertification: 3 Non-Technical/Other training hours.


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