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CE518: Basics of PV Site Analysis

NABCEP CE Hours:  1 hour (click for details). Visiting a site and gathering key electrical and structural information is an important step in designing a code-compliant PV system. In this Continuing Education class, students will learn the basic information required to gather from a proposed site.  Whether a small residential grid-direct system or a large commercial PV system, this class will identify key information and measurements to be recorded to be able to design and install a safe and high-producing PV system. First, we will discuss introducing oneself to the customer and safety once on-site. Then, we will discuss necessary electrical information to obtain for proper system design. Next, pertinent roof and structural information will be identified – assuming the PV system will be installed upon an existing structure. Requirements for ground mounted arrays and trenches will be touched upon as well. Throughout the lesson, we will reiterate the importance of good photos and obtaining quality information. Good information in equals good system designs out!  Further NABCEP hours information found under Certification section below.

what you will learn

  • Basic customer considerations
  • Basic site safety
  • Structural information – rafter size, spacing and span, among other things
  • Roof information – including roofing material and condition
  • Site information – required for all ground- and pole-mounted arrays
  • Shade analysis for proposed array site
  • Electrical information – system voltage and type, service disconnect size, panel ratings and more!
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helpful information

Join SEI for this one-hour on-demand online solar training session. Online registration provides 60 days of access to the recording of this on-demand training.  Once you have viewed and completed the on-demand training session, you can print a Record of Completion that reflects the NABCEP CE Hours.

nabcep certification information

SEI Contact Training Hours: 1 hour online

This course provides approved credit hours towards the following NABCEP Certifications and Recertifications:

  • PV Installation Professional
  • PV Design Specialist
  • PV Installation Specialist
  • PV Commissioning and Maintenance Specialist
  • PV Technical Sales Professional
  • PV Associate (Renewal only)
  • SH Associate (Renewal only)
  • Solar Heating Installer (Recertification only)

Please visit NABCEP’S online course catalog for credit hours breakdown.

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