In less than two months Solar Energy International (SEI) will be leading two free technical seminars at Middle East Electricity running March 5-7 in Dubai. If you haven’t already registered, you can sign up for a free visitor’s pass to attend the  “world’s largest power conference,” which includes power professionals from over 130 countries and 1500 exhibitors from around the globe. In its 43rd year, Middle East Electricity has become a meeting point for networking, business, learning and debate for the power generation, lighting, transmission & distribution, energy storage & management solutions and solar sectors. During the event, SEI’s Kristopher Sutton, Director of Business Development – Middle East and Africa will address two critical topics to the solar industry with trainings on Utility-Connected Solar Electric System Design and PV System Operations and Maintenance.

The “Introduction to Utility-Connected Solar Electric System Design” workshop starts with an understanding of various components, system architectures and applications for solar electric (PV) systems. We will focus on utility-connected PV systems, the largest and fastest growing segment of the PV industry. This workshop covers material critical designing grid-direct PV systems including site analysis, system sizing, array configuration, and performance estimation in addition to looking at module and inverter specifications and characteristics.

The “PV System Operations and Maintenance (O&M)” training teaches participants about the tools of the trade needed to ensure reliable operation of all sizes of PV systems and highlights the theory behind, and safe and practical use of, tools and equipment designed for operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of PV systems.

Having an O&M plan helps maximize system uptime and availability, is essential to maintaining equipment warranties, prevents potential problems and is much less expensive than reactive maintenance.