SEI’s Scholarship Program is able to provide a limited number of scholarships to students to learn renewable energy technology. The scholarship provides partial and in some cases, full financial assistance for one class per student per calendar year. Students are responsible for transportation, housing, and meal expenses for in-person workshops.

The amount of each scholarship is determined by the applicants financial need, their fit for the program, and scholarship funds availability.

PLEASE DO NOT fill out this form if you are not in financial need of a scholarship. We have many applicants who exhibit significant financial need. Filling out this application when you are not an appropriate applicant will only waste our time and yours. Thank you for this consideration!

There is no fee to apply; however, if you are awarded a scholarship, you will be required to submit your portion of the tuition balance (if applicable) to secure a place in the online course or workshop.

  • RE100: Introduction to Renewable Energy

  • SEI's free online course, RE100 Introduction to Renewable Energy, covers basic non-technical renewable energy topics, and is a way for you to experience our online campus. We require successful completion of RE100 to consider an applicant to the scholarship program. To attempt this course before applying for scholarship, click here and follow the directions therein. Please return to this scholarship application process once you have completed this online course (approximately 6-10 hours of training).
  • Work Force (WIOA) Eligibility

  • If you are unemployed or underemployed and reside in the U.S., you may be eligible for WIOA (Workforce Investment Opportunity Act) funding to pay for part or all of your program of study with SEI. SEI is approved for WIOA funding in Colorado and many other States to cover the cost of full Certificate training programs. This offers much more funding than is available via individual scholarships.
  • If you might be eligible for workforce funding, please visit your local workforce office and schedule an appointment with a counselor before applying for an SEI scholarship. You can find your local workforce office by using the workforce locator tool online at
  • Please email us at [email protected] to request further links and information about workforce funding.
  • Personal and Contact Information

  • Demographic Information

  • Section Break

  • For Veterans interested in our Veterans and Active Duty Military Program and Scholarships (full Certificate Program Training with first course free) click here. You do not need to fill out this scholarship form.
  • Please include your top three choices, including workshop title, location and date.

    You can view your current options by visiting our workshop training schedule. Please choose courses that are at least 45 days from now to leave time for application processing.

    If applying for an in-person or hands on training (or any 200 level PV course), please note that you must first complete PVOL101 (online course) as a prerequisite. Please do not request a scholarship to an in-person workshop until you have completed the prerequisite online training; Make sure you are qualified to participate in the course you choose. If you have questions about which training to start with, contact our Student Services department at [email protected] or 970-527-7657 option 1.

    Courses and workshops are filled on a first come first serve space available basis, so having choices is helpful.

  • (Only answer this question if you are applying for a scholarship to an in-person workshop)
  • If you are from a country other than the host country of the training, and you are awarded a scholarship for an in-person SEI workshop, you must pay your portion of the tuition prior to receiving a visa Invitation Letter.

    If you do not receive your travel visa by 30 days prior to the start date of the course, your enrollment will be cancelled and tuition payment refunded (less a $40 processing fee) or you will be asked to transfer to a later training date. Please apply for workshops far enough in advance to account for the acceptance, payment and travel visa process.
  • Include from which training organization they were taken. Include courses you may have taken with SEI here as well.
  • Online Learning Experience

  • Safety Considerations

  • Financial Information

    Students who cancel registration by notifying the school within three (3) business days of original registration date and payment are entitled to a full refund of all tuition and fees paid. Students who withdraw after three (3) business days, but before commencement of classes are entitled to a full refund of all tuition and fees paid, except the maximum cancellation charge of $150.00 or 25% of the contract price, whichever is less.

    In the case of students withdrawing after commencement of classes, the school will retain a cancellation charge, plus a percentage of tuition and fees, which is based on the percentage of contact hours attended (if training is offered as distance education, “based on the percentage of no. of lessons completed”). The refund is based on the official date of termination or formal documented withdrawal. Please visit for full cancellation information and refund table.

    If you are unable to complete your course due to illness or natural disaster, please contact the administration office.

    If you cancel out of the program you will be charged according to our cancellation policy.

    If you are unable to complete the training, or need to transfer sessions, due to illness or natural disaster, please contact Student Services at 970-527-7657 option 1.

  • Click yes if you understand and agree to these terms:

    • Upon being awarded a scholarship, I may be responsible for a partial tuition payment. If this is the case and I accept the scholarship, I agree to pay my portion of the tuition at time of registering for the training.

  • Personal Statement

  • Your essay must be approximately 500 words, describing your interests, your accomplishments, and your future plans or goals related to this scholarship.

    Please include the following in your essay:

    • Describe how your past or current experience makes you a good candidate for this scholarship program (If applying for specific scholarship, please give details as you why you would fit this particular program).
    • If applicable, describe your experience within the Renewable Energy industry or application of Renewable Energy technologies.
    • Why do you want to pursue a career or training within this field?
    • If you are currently working within the industry, how will this training help you expand your current business or enhance your opportunities for advancement?
    • What are your goals upon completion of your SEI training?
  • If you are awarded a scholarship, your SEI training will require time and dedication. Describe what steps you will take to insure your completion and success in the program. Are there any obstacles or barriers that would keep you from completing this program if awarded a scholarship? Please include any other information you feel would help the committee during the selection process.
  • I have reviewed this application for accuracy and to the best of my knowledge all the information provided is accurate. I understand that the SEI Scholarship Program is a selective admissions program and completing this application does not guarantee my acceptance into the program. By checking yes, I agree to the statements above.