Paonia, Colo., August 20, 2020 – Solar Island Energy and Solar Energy International (SEI) announced today their partnership to provide practical, technical skills training to current and aspiring Caribbean PV practitioners through the launch of the Caribbean Solar Energy Training Network (CaribSETNet).

This year CaribSETNet will award 10 to 20 partial or full tuition scholarships in solar training to selected applicants to advance their professional development and support their entry into the Caribbean solar-energy workforce. The funding will apply to SEI’s online training curriculum.

Recognizing that the Caribbean is one of the most demanding environments to deploy solar energy and microgrid systems, CaribSETNet aims to create consistency in key safety and technical solar skills from sales to engineering to construction practices; elevating the playing field for energy practitioners while bridging the gap between the supply and demand for solar jobs.

“The Caribbean is poised for an vital transition to sustainable solar energy. However, the lack of training and technical expertise endangers the growth of the industry. Hurricanes and corrosion are unforgiving realities that make this training even more important for long-term job growth and economic prosperity,” said Marc Lopata, CEO of Solar Island Energy.

Currently, those looking to apply for scholarship funding must live in the Bahamas or OECS nations, although the program may be geographically expanded next year. Applicants must be passionate about a career in solar energy and willing to invest their time and passion into this exciting and important industry.

“As we experience a global pandemic, the need for job opportunities combined with reliable, soundly constructed and maintained solar-energy systems is ever apparent. We’re grateful to expand our impact to reach more Caribbean practitioners through this initiative.” said Kathy Swartz, Executive Director at SEI.

For more information and to apply for a scholarship through the Caribbean Solar Energy Training Network (CaribSETNet), click one of the buttons below.




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