This past month Solar Energy International (SEI) was invited to attend the 11th annual Southern Colorado Construction Career Days in Colorado Springs.  The mission of Construction Career Days is “To provide a venue for young people to explore the variety of career opportunities available in the construction industry upon graduation from high school. To host a day of hands-on experiences, to enable them to interface with expert contractors throughout the region. We encourage volunteers from all the trades in the construction industry to be enthusiastic and provide job specific training to the young people attending the workshop.”

Student Services Advisor Kevin Sova spent the day talking to students about careers in the solar industry, the latest solar technology, training opportunities with SEI, and provided a solar water pumping and shade analysis demo.  This year’s Career Day was attended by over 600 local 11th and 12thgraders and was a HUGE success with perfect weather to show how solar works!

Are you interested in joining the clean energy workforce? Check out our training schedule, our online campus kicks off our next session of classes on November 5!