Solar Energy International (SEI) is proud to announce the April 15th launch of Solarize Delta County, an effort to increase the accessibility and affordability of solar energy for all Delta County residents. With the support of the Delta County Economic Development (DCED), Solarize Delta County seeks to raise local awareness of solar, lower the cost of solar electric (PV) systems, and significantly ramp up adoption of PV throughout Delta County.

The Paonia launch of Solarize Delta County will be announced at a groundbreaking ceremony for a 10kW solar array at Paonia High School on Friday, April 15th 2:00 PM. This donated installation is the culmination of a pilot STEM/vocational course adapted from SEI’s training curriculum, in partnership with the Delta County School District. The inaugural students will participate in a barn-raise install together with the donated time of Solarize partner installer Brad Burritt of Empowered Energy Systems in Hotchkiss.

The Delta launch event will take place Wednesday, May 4th from 4-6 PM, hosted by DCED at their location on 145 W. 4th St. Delta, CO 81416. Join the Solarize team, installers and partners for a mingling event to learn more about going solar the Solarize way! Speaking to DCED’s motivation to partner in Solarize Delta County, Program Coordinator Paul Stockwell said “There are a number of reasons for residents to be excited about a Solarize Delta County, from the perspective of long-term cost savings and environment concerns. Similar projects in other states have shown to help the local solar economy and create professional-wage jobs in a number of areas, which can add to the overall vitality of the County.”

The Solarize effort features outreach and social events from April 15th to July 15th to educate and guide potential solar candidates through a streamlined assessment and installation process. The program is an expansion of 2015 Solarize North Fork Valley effort that resulted in over $400,000 in local investment in solar with the installation of 22 residential systems, totally 120kW.

Leveraging new partnerships, financing, and a team of Solar Ambassadors, Solarize Delta County will not only expand the benefits of “going solar” to more county residents, but also galvanize the community around a bigger vision of local energy independence and renewable energy as means of economic revitalization.

“Solarize Delta County’s emphasis is on increasing accessibility and affordability to the smart investment that is solar,” said Solarize Program Coordinator Gerald Espinosa. “Solarize is creating a path for people to go solar. The more people that go solar, the more everyone saves with the tiered rebate structure of Solarize.”

To receive more information about participating in Solarize, learn about upcoming educational events, or if you are passionate about local energy and wish to volunteer your skills and passions to empower your neighbors to go solar, please reach out to the Solarize Team at
[email protected] or call 970-527-7567x 213.

Media Contact: Gerald Espinosa
Solarize Program Coordinator
[email protected]