“Before going to school, her children would have to walk a mile each morning to fetch water for daily use. They would be late for school and were often punished for being tardy.”

Solar Energy International alum Bilal Ahmed believes that everyone deserves access to clean water. A trained physician, Bilal took SEI classes so he could use solar energy as a tool to provide access to clean water in rural Pakistan.

“Now they have access to water literally in their back yard. Their mother shared that her mind is now at ease because her children can get to school on time.”

You can increase energy access to those who need it most.

Bilal’s company Stellargenesys works to provide access to water in rural Pakistan. Recently he came across a local community that had no access to a usable water source. The local well was abandoned and unusable because the water table was deep, and there was no electricity to help draw water.

The closest source of usable water was about a mile away from the community. Stellargenesys successfully installed a solar powered water pump to provide water access for the local community. “On our last check, a few weeks ago, the project was delivering the much-needed water to the community!” The solar water pump provides running water to approximately 50 households in the village near Karachi, Pakistan.

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“When we think about the impact that our alumni are having across the world, it gives us all goosebumps. Though we’re not in Pakistan setting up wells or powering schools, our alumni are. And they are doing this work everywhere in the world. With our 60,000+ alumni, we are getting closer every day to a world powered by renewable energy. Keep up the great work!” – Kathy Swartz, Solar Energy International Executive Director

An aerial video of the solar-powered water pump, installed in rural Pakistan by Stellargenesys. This video was provided by Bilal Ahmed.