Work-Trade Program

For over 20 years, SEI’s Work-Trade Program has enabled people to hone their solar technology skills and improve their capabilities while helping to strengthen and grow SEI. In fact, the majority of our current staff were once work-traders!


SEI offers its Work-Traders a credit equivalent to $15/ hour for each hour worked. You can trade up to 100% of the tuition of each class. We strive to have all of our work-traders complete their work portion before taking any workshops.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible to become an SEI work-trader you must:

  1. For most work-trade positions, you must be a resident of the US or Canada, due to Visa requirements.   For positions that allow for international applicants, the applicant is responsible for obtaining a travel visa (if needed) for to travel to any in-person training at our Colorado, Oman, or Costa Rica campus location.
  2. Possess the skills for a position we seek to be filled. Remember, this is not an internship; it is a work-trade agreement in which we match our needs to your existing skills. Even so – you’ll probably end up learning a lot just by working with us! Please review our Work-Trade Policies Document below for more information.
  3. You must download an application and email it to our Work Trade Coordinator, Breccia Cressman (contact info listed below)
  4. Provide the contact information for (2) references – past employers, supervisors, professors, etc. (no family members please).
  5. Be available for a phone or in-person interview.
  6. Desired applicants are highly self-motivated, consistently willing to take initiative, require very little supervision, and are comfortable working hard in non-traditional, fun, social, and serious work environments.

Work-Trade Policies (download PDF)

Current Work-Trade Positons



Application Deadlines:

Applications are being accepted on on-going basis (when position openings are actively posted). Once a position has been filled we will remove it from the website. Please sign up for SEI’s e newsletter for the most up to date information on our work-trade program and all of our great offerings, alumni stories, and renewable energy news.

Work-Trade Application Form (download and fill out Word doc)

Please email your application to [email protected], or to ask questions about the program.