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Free Online Intro to Renewable Energy Course

Renewable energy is all around us, and today more and more people are using it to heat their homes, power their appliances and advance their careers. The sooner you begin to learn about renewable energy the sooner you can put it to use for you - and this course is a great place to start. 

Registration Information
Option 1 - SEI Alumni or Current Online Student
If you are already a registered SEI online student please use the Online Campus login sidebar block to log-in (left side). Once you are logged in, locate the Free Online Course sidebar block (right side) on the campus homepage and click Register for our free online Introduction to Renewable Energy course.


Option 2 - New Student
If you are not a registered SEI online student- please click here to create a new Online Campus account. *To enroll you must provide SEI with your full name, a username (typically your e-mail address), e-mail and password. Upon doing this you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration - once.

Course Overview
Introduction to Renewable Energy is an online course for those who wish to learn the basics of renewable energy - including where it is found, how we can harvest it for use in our homes and how it can help ease pressures on the environment. You will not become an expert through this course, but you will get to know renewable energy in its many forms - helping you to decide whether solar, wind or other technologies are right for you.

This course also serves as an introduction to Solar Energy International’s Online Campus. It is made up of ten lessons, each containing readings, exercizes, a quiz and an open discussion forum. Your work will be saved as you go and you can return to it later for up to six weeks after you register.

Lessons Include:

  1. Why Renewable Energy?
  2. Conservation & Efficiency                                 
  3. Green Building
  4. Solar Thermal
  5. Solar Electricity
  6. Wind Power
  7. Micro-Hydro
  8. Other Renewable Energy
  9. Renewable Energy for the Developing World
  10. Economics of Renewable Energy

Upon completion of the course - with good quiz grades - you will receive the following:

       • A printable SEI Record of Completion

The development of this course was funded in part by the Putnam Foundation.