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CE522: 2017 National Electrical Code™ and PV Systems

NABCEP CE Hours: 6 Code/Other/(JTA-Tech Sales).  The National Electrical Code® drives industry-wide best practices as well as product development cycles of PV component manufacturers, so whether you’re an installer, designer, manufacturer, engineer, or building official, it’s critical to stay on top of the game. This short course walks through the 2017 NEC® from Chapter 1 to Chapter 7, focusing on critical updates, changes, and relevant details that impact PV system design and installation, for systems ranging from battery-based off-grid to utility-scale solar farms.

what you will learn

  • Updates to rapid shutdown requirements for PV systems on buildings.
  • Updates to grounding requirements for PV systems.
  • Introduction to 4 entirely new articles: Energy Storage, Stand-alone Systems, DC Microgrids, and Large-Scale PV Electric Power Production Facilities.
  • Updates to system disconnects and associated labeling
  • New requirements for battery-based PV systems, both stand-alone and interactive.
  • Additional changes in Articles 690 and 705, as well as other relevant Articles.
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nabcep certification information

NABCEP Continuing Education
PV Installer Recertification:  6 Code or ‘Other’ training hours
Technical Sales Recertification: 6 JTA or Non-Tech/Other training hours
PV Associate Recertification: 6 training hours 
Solar Heating Recertification: 6 Non-Tech/Other training hours
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