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: Thermography and Drones in PV Applications

Join us for a half-day workshop to learn about the intersection of thermography and drones, tools that are rapidly trending in the PV industry. We will cover the basics and get into intermediate-level topics, including:

  • Thermography, including a review of both hand-held and mounted cameras, how to adjust the settings, and how to interpret the readings
  • Drones, including the variety of uses, common models, price points, and licensure requirements
  • Drones + thermography, including the various applications in solar operations and maintenance and how to read test images

Analytics, including options for how to obtain footage yourself but work with a partner to generate the report

what you will learn

Thermography theory including
  • Types of IR
  • Emissivity and Reflectivity
  • Qualitative VS Quantitative Thermography
  • Color Palettes, Span, Gradients
  • Spot sizes, spot size ratios, and focal length
  • Angle to target, and how that impacts thermography
  • Reflections and solar loading
  • Thermal camera care
  • And much more
Handheld thermography including
  • Techniques and practices relevant to the PV industry
  • Camera selection
Drone basics including
  • Types of drones
  • Overview of non-thermal applications including
    • modeling, mapping, and measuring
    • PV design
    • Project management and visual inspections
  • Licensing requirements
Drone Based thermography including
  • Techniques and Conditions required for success
  • Maximum altitude/distance
  • Equipment selection
Analyzing thermal images of PV
  • Identifying anomaly types
  • Examine the causes of each anomaly type
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helpful information

Friday April 10th 9:00 am to 1:00pm MDT (Mountain Daylight Time Zone)

This course is available online via Zoom.  Once you register for the training, you will receive login details in your confirmation email.

Thank you to the co-sponsors Amicus O&M Cooperative and the Colorado Solar and Storage Association.

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NABCEP hours: 4 contact training hours

Thank you to the co-sponsors!







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  • Zoom - Live Online Course
    • April 10 2020 - April 10 2020
  • 4 hours


  • Kienan Maxfield