Are you interested in being part of the global energy transition to renewables and participating in a two-year masters’ program? Western Colorado University’s Master in Environmental Management (MEM) has partnered with Solar Energy International (SEI) to create a master in environmental management degree that integrates SEI training with MEM program courses for students interested in doing their 600+ hour second year project with SEI and providing up to 10 hours a week of internship work during their first year. Access to affordable, reliable energy is key to providing a just and sustainable pathway to economic development and opportunity globally.

Western Colorado University seeks applicants for their program who will complete projects that empower people in the United States and/or throughout the world. Fellows will receive a $5,000 fellowship to be applied toward their master’s tuition across their two years and up to a $5,000 fellowship from SEI to be applied toward SEI courses (E.g, PV101, 203, 201L and up to two other courses based on project interest and course availability).

  • Join students from over 20 different majors in a network of global sustainability practitioners in one of the three tracks:  Global SustainabilityIntegrative and Public Land Management, and Sustainable and Resilient Communities.
  • This two-year, project-based degree can be completed anywhere in the world
  • No GRE required, just compulsive curiosity, commitment, and a desire to do meaningful projects!
  • Any undergraduate major may apply (recommended 3.0 GPA)
  • Apply by February 1
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