The sky is speckled with stars as far as the eye can see as you sit around a roaring campfire, ukulele and laughter abound in the background as tent flaps ripple in the wind, the moon’s distorted reflection stares back at you from a solar panel–no, you are not at summer camp (although it feels like it), you are at Solar Energy International (SEI)’s campus in scenic Paonia, Colorado.

Hiking on a mountain trail system in town, road biking on expansive country roads rolling over mesas and across an uninterrupted landscape, enjoying wineries and craft beers, all in the shadow of the West Elk Mountain Range, these are just some of the gems that our campus in Western Colorado has to offer. Students at our campus learn from top-notch instructors with the help of industry-leading technology in our lab yard while enjoying one of the most unique and precious landscapes in the Western United States. The holistic experience of Paonia is hard to capture in words, so we tried our best to show you what makes our campus so special in this video about our Western, CO headquarters.

Are you ready to embark on your solar training vacation? In the words of famed outdoorsmen John Muir, the mountains are calling… Check out our online class schedule for the full list of our in-person summer and fall class sessions.