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NAB-PV: NABCEP PV Associate Exam

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) may affect your travel plans, please click here to read SEI’s response plan and current information regarding registrations and cancellations.


Solar Energy International proctors the NABCEP PV Associate Exam in its Paper & Pencil format on select Friday evenings after some of our PV301L- Solar Electric Lab Week (Battery-Based).  After verifying you have completed or are scheduled to complete the prerequisite courses, use the register link to sign up! See below for schedule and details.


You may only register for testing through Solar Energy International if SEI is your training provider. Registration fees for the exam are non-refundable.

To be eligible to sit for the NABCEP PV Associate Exam, students must successfully complete:

what you will learn

The NABCEP PV Associate Exam includes questions on grid-direct and battery-based PV systems.

The NABCEP PV Associate Program is designed for those individuals wanting to get into the solar field; achievement of the NABCEP PV Associate Credential is a way for candidates to demonstrate that they have achieved a basic knowledge of the fundamental principles of the application, design, installation and operation of grid-tied and stand-alone PV Systems.

The knowledge demonstrated by passing this test does not replace the knowledge, skills or abilities of the electrical or other construction trades, or those of other professions or degree programs that require considerably more academic and/or practical experience.

Individuals passing the NABCEP PV Associate Exam should not be confused with NABCEP Certified PV Installers. The latter can only be achieved by highly experienced individuals who have passed a much more rigorous examination and have demonstrated the capability to supervise complete PV system installations, and who have a detailed working knowledge of the electrical codes, standards and accepted industry practice associated with PV installations.

As the market grows for photovoltaics, students achieving this industry-sponsored PV Associate Exam and Credential may find that their employment opportunities are enhanced by starting the job with an understanding of the basic terms and operational aspects of a PV system. However, completing coursework and passing the exam does not qualify an individual to install PV systems.

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helpful information

NABCEP PV ASSOCIATE PREP PACKAGE $1495 – Includes PVOL101, PVOL203 and the NABCEP PV Associate Exam
(Computer Based Testing only, NOT in-person sessions of the Entry Level Exam)!  Please CLICK HERE to register today!

See www.nabcep.org for more on their recommendations. Prior to taking the NABCEP PV Associate Exam, students should have demonstrated a basic understanding of the principles outlined in the Learning Objectives.

For questions about this exam, please call 970-527-7657 option 1.  Please be prepared to provide proof of having taken the prerequisite course(s) from Solar Energy International.


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