FIMER’s generous donations over the next 3 years will help SEI realize their vision of building a global solar energy workforce.

PAONIA, CO. , JUNE 5, 2020 – Solar Energy International (SEI) is excited to announce its collaboration with FIMER as a watt-level industry sponsor through SEI’s Industry Sponsorship Program. FIMER’s generous contributions will help cover SEI’s general operating expenses to facilitate the building of a safe, skilled, and equitable solar workforce, aimed to significantly reduce the catastrophic effects of climate change over the next 30 years.

SEI is a nonprofit training organization which offers cutting-edge solar and renewable energy training to the solar industry leadership and workforce. With over 70,000 alumni worldwide, nearly 30 years of experience, and over 100-course sessions offered each year, SEI is a leader in solar training throughout the field.

FIMER’s sponsorship of the SEI program is expected to increase brand visibility and product recognition among current and future customers through SEI’s broad alumni network. With thousands of students from around the world training in SEI’s industry-leading online courses, in-person classes and labs every year, students will familiarize themselves with FIMER’s name and carry it with them into their future solar industry careers.

“FIMER is proud to support SEI as an industry sponsor. At FIMER, we believe in the importance of a well-trained solar energy workforce, which is why we are supporting SEI’s educational mission through these donations. The sponsorship is just one of the many ways FIMER is ushering in a New Era in Solar,” said Eduardo Casilda, FIMER’s North American Country Manager.

“SEI is so thankful for the financial commitment from FIMER,” said Christopher Turek, SEI director of Marketing and Communications. “We are proud to align ourselves with the high-quality standards of FIMER equipment, and, as SEI alumni continue working in the solar industry, we hope they will leverage FIMER’s extensive product portfolio to provide great value to their clients.”

Industry Sponsors are empowering SEI to make an impact on creating a skilled, safe renewable energy workforce. To join us, contact SEI’s development director, Marla Korpar, at [email protected].

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About Solar Energy International (SEI) – SEI was founded in 1991 as a nonprofit educational organization with the mission to provide industry-leading technical training and expertise in renewable energy to empower people, communities and businesses worldwide. SEI envisions a world powered by renewable energy.

About FIMERFIMER is the fourth largest solar inverter supplier in the world. Specializing in solar inverters and mobility systems, it has over 1100 employees worldwide and offers a comprehensive solar solutions portfolio across all applications. FIMER’s skills are further strengthened by its bold and agile approach that sees it consistently invest in R&D. With a presence in 26 countries together with local training centers and manufacturing hubs, FIMER remains close to its customers and the ever-evolving dynamics of the energy industry.

Following the acquisition and integration of ABB’s solar inverter business in the first quarter of 2020, and under the umbrella of the renewed FIMER brand the newly acquired solar inverter portfolio continues to carry the ABB brand under trademark license agreement.


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