On Saturday July 13th, Bosque Modelo graduated its first cohort of 13 women from 9 municipalities in the western highlands of Puerto Rico. The graduating women participated in (15) 6-hour weekly training sessions using Solar Energy International’s (FV101) Solar Electric Design and Installation (Grid-Direct) and (FV203) PV System Fundamentals (Battery-Based) spanish curriculum. In addition, the women participated in 6 supervised, practice community installations in residential and community settings within the region.

Bosque Modelo (Model Forest) is a broad concept of forest, which integrates environment, economy and society. It is a forest with people that break with the traditional concept of conservation to promote a new concept of conservation through sustainable economic development that values ​​natural attributes and empowers the citizens of the area.

This week, one of the participating women started a solar installation apprenticeship with Solar Libre in Isabela. Next week, 3 of them have work interviews with Cooperativa Hidroeléctrica de la Montaña’s Solar Program. Five of them expressed interest in continuing their education in Electricity and 8 of them have requested further technical assistance in economic development in order to integrate their newly developed skills into small business economic projects in agriculture, education, sales/distribution and ecotourism.

Alana Feldman Soler, Program Manager from Mesa Multisectorial of Bosque Modelo from Puerto Rico said:

“As our graduates now enter different areas of the local solar workforce, we will formally continue to assist them in their efforts during the next 6 months. We hope to count on your support as we move forward! Please do not hesitate to contact us to further speak about ways in which we can continue to work together to strengthen Puerto Rico’s energetic sustainability, economic development and resilience”

We welcome these wonderful women into the solar tribe and hope to continue to work together toward a world powered by renewable energy!

If you want to support this program please contact:

Alana Feldman Soler
Project Manager
Mesa Multisectorial del Bosque Modelo de PR
Jose Santos Valderrama
Mesa Multisectorial del Bosque Modelo de PR