Organized by Solarize North Fork Valley, supported by Solar Energy International, and hosted by North Fork Valley Solar Ambassadors! Have you ever wondered what your neighbors keep cooped up in their houses? Well here’s the chance to be a Nosy-Nancy!

Solarize North Fork Valley is organizing Solar Home Tours at four different residences in the North Fork Valley centered around Paonia on July 11th, starting at 10am. “Solar Ambassadors,” or neighbors who power their homes with solar electricity, will be opening their homes to the public for a free Solar Home Tour. This is an opportunity to not only admire your neighbor’s extensive carpeted kitty-cat play pedestal, but ask meaningful questions about the type of solar panels your neighbor has on their house or the efficiency of their inverter. Or perhaps, what is an inverter? Or maybe, how does Delta Montrose Electric Association integrate the grid-tied solar system on your house to your bill?

Solar home tours are designed to help educate community members about the advantages, cost-benefits and freedom of producing their own energy on their own homes or businesses. Solar Ambassadors will be on hand for personal testimonials. In addition, solar professionals from Solar Energy International will be available throughout the tour to answer any technical questions that arise.

Solar home tours are an opportunity to tour your community and learn about solar electricity! Look forward to upcoming information highlighting the system specifications at each location along with site addresses and tour schedule, available HERE

A shuttle service will be available and will depart at 9:45am from the Solar Energy International campus: 39845 Mathew’s Lane, Paonia. To register for the free shuttle please call 970-527-7657 ext 213/214, or email [email protected] Shuttle seats will be limited to 12. Additional/personal vehicles can meet at the SEI campus no later than 9:45am and caravan following the van.

The Solarize team hopes to see you there!