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Solarize Delta County Farms is a community program that makes it easy for you to go solar. We put you in touch with local installers, great financing and state of the art technology, so you can take control of your utility bills.

We are proud to announce that the 2015 and 2016 rounds of Solarize Delta County resulted in nearly one million dollars in local investment through the installation of 42 solar PV systems totaling 242 kW.

Now we will work to introduce solar (and other forms of renewable energy) to farms and businesses through our third round of Solarize…. Solarize Delta County Farms!

For our small community of Delta County, this is significant and now it is only the beginning. Click below to learn more about the “State of Solar” in Delta County.



  • Sign up for Solarize on our website between April 15 – July 15
  • Complete a Remote Site Assessment (RSA) which you will receive via email upon registration. Once you submit your RSA you’ll be contacted by a Solarize Program Manager to learn if your farm, business and/or home is good for solar or micro-hydro.
  • Schedule a no obligation site evaluation with your pre-selected renewable energy installer.

  • Get a renewable energy quote
  • Sign a contract to have your renewable energy system installed by contractor signing deadline, August 15
“Very helpful! Convinced us to go solar now after all the years of trying to decide whether or not it was feasible to go solar”
“The amount of information we received on the guided tour was really good, it gave us a good starting point to find out more information about going solar at our house.”
“We couldn’t be happier with the professionalism of the solar crew who installed our system. They were extremely courteous, polite & pleasant people to get to know.”
“You made the whole process seem easier and doable by hosting the community events and supporting everyone through each step of the process.”
“I went solar. I think that your process is great. I’m not sure what you could have done better. Your event speakers were great. The installers were professional and easy to work with on the project.”
“My hope is that the success of this program will get the news around the grapevine and that the next round will be even more successful.”
“The Solarize effort provided me the information that I needed to understand and decide to go solar. All the people working the program, SEI and the energy professionals, were very helpful in all conversations that I had with them. The process and support provided me with the information and knowledge so that I could confidently move forward with the PV project for my home.”



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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Neighbors are Going Solar

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Thanks to our Solar Partners for helping to spread the benefits of solar with Delta County!