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PV301L: Solar Training - Solar Electric Lab Week (Battery-Based)

This workshop offers five days of hands-on installation practice with battery-based systems at SEI’s world-class PV Lab training facility in Paonia, Colorado. Safely install, test, and commission battery-based PV systems in this solar training workshop. Lab stations are comprised of both stand-alone and grid-tied with battery back-up systems, and include both AC and DC coupled systems.

what you will learn

Integrating generator back-up will also be covered. Participants will concentrate on battery safety, wiring, and maintenance, and will wire balance of system components including: combiner boxes, disconnects, power centers, controllers, battery banks, and inverters. Set-up, basic programming, and testing of components for specific battery-based applications will be integrated into the lab sessions. Students will learn fundamental procedures for safe installation and commissioning practices, and all exercises will have an emphasis on battery safety considerations. The maximum eight to one student-to-instructor ratio and comprehensive lab setting create the ultimate environment to get your first hands-on PV and battery experience.

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helpful information

Prerequisites:  PV 101 AND PV203 PREP (or past session of PVOL203)

nabcep certification information

Contact Training Hours (shown on Record of Completion): 40 hours NABCEP Training Hours:

  • PV Installer Certification Requirements:This course counts for 40 advanced training hours.
  • PV Technical Sales Certification Requirements: This course counts for 20 hours, which covers the PV Technical Sales JTA.
  • PV Installer Recertification Requirements: This course counts for the following:
    • 6 NEC (Code Based) Hours
    • 6 Job Task Analysis Hours
    • 6 Non-Technical Hours
  • PV Technical Sales Recertification Requirements: This course counts for 6 Non-Technical/Other Hours
  • Solar Heating Installer Recertification: This course counts for 6 Non-Technical continuing education hours.

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course snapshot

  • Paonia, CO

  • 5 Days
  • 40 hours/week

course materials

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  • Jay Peltz

  • Ken Gardner