At Solar Energy International (SEI) we are thankful for and enjoy getting feedback from alumni, often informing us what they are up to as they move forward with their careers in the field. Max Hupertz, a recent graduate of SEI, is currently employed by United Renewable Energy LLC, where he is managing the construction of utility scale solar fields (ground-mount). He loves his job, saying “I began my career installing panels on residential and commercial rooftops, which I did enjoy, however being able to work on these utility-scale projects has been especially rewarding so far.  It’s challenging and fulfilling on a level that I had been craving for some time.”

Max was first introduced to SEI by close friend Susan Hassol who is deeply involved in the world of climate science. Searching for a school that offered a focused but comprehensive education on solar energy, SEI stood out to him as a place that was doing more than just looking to capitalize on a trend in education. Max says that “the track record was there and the integrity and experience of the organization was a big selling point.”

The knowledge and experience Max gained at SEI was instrumental in finding a job in the solar field, saying, “it gave me the confidence to approach the labor force, the skillset to be competitive, and the vocabulary to communicate effectively.” Max’s favorite part: the people – “the instructors are beyond fantastic – professional, passionate, easy to approach and get along with, excited about what they do, and overall just wonderful folks. As everything in the organization starts with the people, these qualities permeate throughout. The coursework, labs, etc. are no exception.” Max also notes that, while SEI provided him with much of the training he needed for his career, ambition, determination and hard work are still required.

When asked about his ideal vision for the future of solar energy, Max said “a world powered entirely by renewable energy”. Recognizing the challenges that face his vision, he suggests that “working together as opposed to standing on soap-boxes seems crucial – energy independence is a beautiful thing and when it is communicated properly I think it becomes very hard to argue against.” Max plans to remain focused, creating positive relationships, and seeing where the trail leads him.

Max is a 2018-2019 alumni, having taken SEI’s PV101, PV201L, PV202, PV203, PV303 and both OSHA classes (CE523 and CE 525). If you are interested in learning more about how to launch or further your career in the solar industry, check out our full training schedule by clicking the button below.

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