Stephanie Gulliver (second from the right in photo) is an Electrical Engineer from San Francisco, CA. She is returning to SEI for her second class in solar electric systems and solar installation training. This Spring she enrolled in PV 202: Advanced PV System Design and the NEC (Grid Direct) with the purpose of pursuing professional solar installer training to remain at the forefront of her field.

Solar Installation Training – Reaching New Heights (Literally)

As an Electrical Engineer, this means staying on top of the constantly changing National Electrical Code (NEC), especially as it concerns solar electric systems. In San Francisco, Stephanie’s company does design work for new buildings so she “applies the NEC a lot in my job…and the standards keep evolving.” Stephanie says it is important for her to better understand the implications of the NEC standards when it comes to solar because it is being used in more and more buildings. In addition, her education with SEI and this course in particular helped her understand how the NEC applies to the design and electrical systems for the entire building. She added “it’s a great real-world addition to the classes I took in university.”

The class also literally helped her stay at the top of her field, by allowing her to climb Mt. Lamborn which towers 11,936 ft. above SEI’s Paonia, CO training facility. Of her time in Paonia, Stephanie says “I Love it! It’s the perfect place to have this type of course, you (SEI) have both nature and renewables.” Though Stephanie found Solar Energy International online, it was definitely the mountainous location and easy access to State and National Parks that sold it. And she has really taken advantage of her time in the West Elk Mountains and all of the hiking that comes with it.

So, between her time spent in the classroom and her time spent outdoors, would she recommend SEI to her friends? Before she had even completed the course, she’s emailed four of her colleagues with the link to sign up. And we’re guessing that email included some great pictures from the summit of Mt. Lamborn.