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PVOL203: Solar Training – PV System Fundamentals (Battery-Based) – Online

PV systems with energy storage are a rapidly growing segment of the industry. This course builds a foundation for understanding many battery-based applications, in which the complexity far exceeds that of a grid­-direct PV system. Load analysis is addressed along with other critical design criteria such as battery bank design, equipment options, and electrical integration of system components. Component options are covered in detail, including batteries, charge controllers, and battery­-based inverters. Different battery chemistries, associated pros and cons, and cost comparisons are investigated along with safety and maintenance considerations unique to battery­-based PV systems.

what you will learn

Students who complete PVOL203 will be able to:

  • Recognize demand and PV production curves
  • Identify the common types of PV systems and their major components
  • Describe DC and AC coupled systems
  • Discuss load profiles and modes of operation, including: peak load shaving, time-of-use, zero-sell, self-consumption prioritization, demand-side management
  • Introduce utility-scale storage and microgrids
  • Explain the relationship between real power, apparent power, and reactive power
  • Complete a load estimate for different system types and for seasonal loads; evaluate electrical requirements of loads
  • Identify phantom loads and efficiency upgrades
  • Estimate starting surge and power factor requirements
  • Describe the differences when sizing battery-based systems compared to grid-direct systems
  • Choose a peak sun hour value based on design criteria for various systems
  • Review battery basics and terminology
  • Describe and compare different battery chemistries and technologies
  • Find the capacity and voltage of different batteries; determine state of charge
  • List safety precautions and hazards to be aware of when working with batteries; list appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Identify appropriate battery enclosures
  • Calculate values for current, voltage, and energy for different battery bank configurations
  • Review battery bank design parameters
  • Complete a lithium-ion battery bank design example
  • Review and compare different design example costs
  • List features, options, and metering available for different types of battery chargers
  • Explain basics of lithium battery charging
  • Compare generator types and duty cycle ratings, including fuel options
  • Identify specifications critical for choosing appropriate battery-based inverters
  • Discuss different overcurrent protection devices and equipment disconnects and when/where they are required
  • Define the maximum voltage drop slowed for the proper functioning of a battery-based PV system
  • Identify safe installation procedures
  • List basic commissioning tests which should be completed before and after a system is operating
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helpful information

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PREREQUISITE COURSE: Before participating in the PVOL203 course, students MUST complete PV101 or PVOL101, an equivalent course from another organization, have NABCEP certification, or demonstrate field experience and pass a placement quiz. Please contact [email protected] if you feel you are qualified to skip the prerequisite for PVOL203.

To view in-person sessions of PVOL203, click PV203.

For information on SEI’s Solar Professionals Certificate Program please click here.  For information on SEI’s workshop and training program policies please click here.

nabcep certification information

SEI Contact Training Hours: 6 weeks online = 40 hours

This course provides approved credit hours towards the following NABCEP Certifications and Recertifications:

  • PV Installation Professional
  • PV Design Specialist
  • PV Installation Specialist
  • PV Commissioning and Maintenance Specialist
  • PV Technical Sales Professional
  • PV Associate
  • PV System Inspector (Recertification only)
  • Solar Heating System Inspector (Recertification only)
  • Solar Heating Installer (Recertification only)
  • Solar Heating Associate (Recertification only)

Please visit NABCEP’S online course catalog (Associate Exam) AND NABCEP’S online course catalog (Certification Exams) for credit hours breakdown.

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  • Online
    • January 11 2021 - February 21 2021
    • February 22 2021 - April 03 2021
    • April 04 2021 - May 15 2021
    • May 16 2021 - June 26 2021
    • June 27 2021 - August 07 2021
    • August 08 2021 - September 18 2021
    • September 19 2021 - October 30 2021
    • October 31 2021 - December 12 2021
  • 6 Wks/40 Hrs
  • 7-10 hours/week

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